360 Degree Action Cameras for All Action Photographers

Some of the most popular images and videos shared on the Internet today are taken and recorded by incredible cameras that are often attached to individuals to give viewers a realistic feeling of what they were experiencing. Skydivers, skateboarders and extreme sportsmen and women have been using these futuristic cameras for many years now, but many of them have not been able to take 360-degree images…until now.

Available right now at BT Shop are a number of 360 degree action cameras capable of taking photographs and recording video footage around a full 360 degrees so that you never miss a moment of the action.

It could be a special occasion like a wedding in a beautiful church, it could be an adrenaline-fuelled ascent down a mountain on a snowboard; whatever the occasion you can capture it all now using one of our 360 degree cameras like the LG Electronics 360 Action Camera.

LG Electronics 360 Action Camera
LG Electronics 360 Action Camera – shop.bt.com

How do 360 degree action cameras work?

The fisheye lens built into these 360 degree cameras means that users can capture a far wider shot than ever before. While panoramic images can look fantastic and can help you to snap landscape pictures; the 360-degree reach of these lenses ensures that the whole environment is snapped in one time.

Of course, it’s not just still life that you can capture. Sometimes the best moments happen all around you but when you can’t see them all at once you risk missing something that occurs in just a split second. Festivals, sporting events and natural phenomenon like lightning strikes can be recorded in 2K 360 degree video using many of these incredible cameras.

This also means that adrenaline junkies can record every second of the action. Skiers, snowboarders and sky divers to name just a few examples, can now record the moment they start hurtling down a mountain or from the second they take the leap out of a plane, to the point that they reach the ground safely – and then they can watch it all back on a television or laptop. Cool hey?

There are also cameras like the Kaiser Baas X 360 Dual Lense VR camera that sync up with your smartphone enabling you to take professional-standard 360 degree photographs from anywhere. Simply set up the device using the optional tripod and then, using the smartphone app, you can hit the button to take the image at exactly the right moment. Very cool.

Can I add on any accessories to my 360 degree camera?

For keen and professional photographers accessories are every bit as important as the camera itself. Tripods, extendable lenses and mounts are all vital parts in a photographer’s armoury, but with 360 degree action cameras you almost need accessories to help you to get the perfect shots.

Whether it’s a video or a sweeping panoramic photo, accessories the like Veho MUVI X-LAPSE 360 Panning Time Lapse Accessory will help you to maximise the potential of your action camera.

By mounting your camera in the time lapse accessory you can take long, sweeping photographs through 90, 180, 270 or 360-degrees that you can put together in one phenomenal image; or time lapse films to show changing landscapes that’ll take your breath away when you watch them back.

To find out more about the incredible new range of 360-degree action cameras and accessories available right now at BT Shop, visit our online store today. You’ll be able to browse the full collection, read the specifications and place your order to start capturing your memorable moments like never before. 

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