A Beginner’s Guide to the Hive Smart Heating System

There’s nothing worse than being cold is there? Well, maybe some homeowners will say that the cost of being warm is worse than being cold with mounting fuel bills coming as a result of the central heating being on at home when nobody is there or when putting a jumper on can have the same effect. Well now the arguments over whether the heating should be on or off could be a thing of the past thanks to the Hive smart heating system.

Hive Thermostat - shop.bt.com
Hive Thermostat – shop.bt.com

Smart homes enable owners to control various elements such as the amount of power being used, the lights that are on and the central heating at the touch of a button on their smartphones or tablets and smart heating systems are proving to be one of the most popular.

As utility bills continue to rise, smart homes and smart heating systems in particular are likely to become more widely adopted in an attempt to save owners money. Systems such as the Hive smart heating system were developed to enable owners to control how much power they were using at any one time with an accurate view of how much it was costing them, and the Hive Active smart heating system has been fitted to thousands of homes around the UK already.

How does the Hive smart heating system work?

The Hive smart heating system is connected to the existing boiler or central heating system, replacing the traditional thermostat which enables you to turn the heating on or off. Instead it is replaced by wireless heating controls and a smart thermostat that you can set to the perfect temperature for each room or the whole house.

Each system starts out with a Hive hub device which is a wireless heating control, also capable of working with your electricals including lighting and security systems. Once the hub is installed you have a fully connected home enabling you to control the different systems around the property wherever you are through the handy Hive app.

Hive App - shop.bt.com
Hive App – shop.bt.com

The Hive smartphone app enables users to turn the heating or air conditioning in their homes up or down from anywhere, as well as setting it to the perfect temperature. There is also the ability to program the smart heating system so that it comes on at the optimum time. One of the biggest issues with central heating is the fact that owners are frequently heating an empty home so that they get back from work to a nice warm house.

Through the Hive smart heating system you can set the right temperature and press the on/off switch as they leave work so that it’s only been on for the duration of their commute home rather than being on all day and costing money with nobody there to feel the benefit.

You also have the ability to set up smartphone notifications so that you alerted when you leave home having left the heating on, or when you get closer to home and you haven’t switched it back on. By doing this you have complete control over whether or not the system is on or off when you want it to be and there won’t be the moment of dread when you arrive at work having forgotten to switch the heating off.

It’s not just the benefits of scheduling and alerts that attract homeowners to the Hive smart heating system. One of the biggest issues in the winter months especially surrounds frost and frozen pipes preventing the free flow of water around your home. With the Hive smart home heating system installed your hub will automatically activate the frost protection function when the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius to protect your pipes and prevent leaks.

Finally, you can also control the system while you’re away on holiday. Your scheduling heating will still turn on at your preferred time each day which will cost you money, but through the smart heating system you can tell it that you are away and essentially pause its activity until the day you return when the system will reactivate so that you arrive home to perfect conditions inside your house.

Hive smart home compatibility

As we touched upon earlier, the Hive hub is compatible right across the smart home range extending to lighting, security and as well as central heating. Once installed you have the ability to create the home of your dreams and you can control it all at the touch of a button.

Amazon Echo - shop.bt.com
Amazon Echo – shop.bt.com

Hive offer both standard and colour changing light bulbs which can be switched on or off and adjusted to suit your mood or the occasion, as well as smart security offerings such as motion sensors and security cameras that can be not only turned on and off using your phone but you can receive alerts and the actual footage wherever you are.

Once the Hive system is in place and you have the app downloaded to your phone or tablet you have complete control over your connected home and everything you wish to automate or control on the move. You can install one light bulb in one room or completely revamp your lighting, you can fit a smart meter into your home to monitor power usage and how much it is costing you to run your property – the possibilities are endless and you’re the one in control.

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