A Guide To The BT Smart Hub

The brand new BT Smart Hub comes free when you’re new to BT and sign up for a BT Infinity Broadband contract.

This next-gen router has the most powerful signal of all its broadband rivals, ensuring a connection that’s faster and even more stable.

Generally, BT routers have been getting smaller. This time though, the Smart Hub has increased in size thanks to its dedicated ‘Wi-Fi zone’ situated on the top. Within the ‘Wi-Fi zone’ you’ll find 7 antenna (compared to 5 in the Home Hub 5) carefully placed to give you the best all-round performance.


What do I need to do to get the BT Smart Hub?

All customers who are new to BT and sign up for Infinity Broadband will be sent the all new Smart Hub.

Alternatively, if you’re an existing BT Broadband customer, you can upgrade your current router here for only £129.99.

Unfortunately, the BT Smart Hub will only work with BT Infinity or regular broadband packages.

What are the benefits of the Smart Hub?

  • Powerful

The new BT Smart Hub packs a powerful punch with its 7 built-in antennas. You can now send wi-fi to those hard-to-reach rooms.

  • Superfast wi-fi

Using the latest wi-fi technologies, the BT Smart Hub is able to give you massive speeds.

  • Get future-proofed

As many appliances become wi-fi enabled, the BT Smart Hub has the technology built-in to get you up and running.

  • The helpful hub

Unlike other routers, if the BT Smart Hub encounters a problem it will shut itself off and reboot in order to make a fresh connection.


  • Wireless protocols: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Radio bands: 2.4 & 5 GHz
  • Antennae: 7 internal
  • Modem: ADSL, ADSL2+, VSDL
  • WAN port: None
  • LAN port: 4x Gigabit
  • USB: 1 x USB 3.0

Where is the Password and SSID number?

You’ll find your wireless key and wireless SSID number on a plastic card which is slotted into the back of the router. On this card, you’ll also find your password.

How do I set it up?

Once your new router arrives, set up is straightforward. There’s no CD installation required; simply plug and go.

  • Choose a location for your router (ideally high up where it is not blocked by anything).
  • Connect the power cable to the respective port and the broadband cable to the white DSL port then wait until you see the lights change to blue.
  • Now you can connect to the internet. Just hold down the Wireless WPS button (found on the top of the router).
  • For a wired connection, connect an Ethernet cable from your device to one of the yellow LAN ports (found on the back of the router). Although wired connections can be faster than wireless, they’re not always convenient so choose the option that best suits your needs.

Check out the BT Smart Hub on BT Shop here.

41 thoughts on “A Guide To The BT Smart Hub”

    1. I have the new Smart BT home Hub6 but I still can’t get a good wireless signal in my Garden. Please please please tell me what device I can buy to improve this problem. Thank you.

      1. I think you need to dangle precariously from a helicopter that is hovering a few hundred feet above your garden. I would use some sort of harness to attach yourself for health and safety.

    1. It’s possible to plug devices such as USB sticks and external hard drives to the smart hub so people can connect to them on the network.

  1. I have hub 4 been using it since they came on the market, I can’t see any advantage in getting the new hub as mine works very well at all times and has done for as long as I have had it, beside which the new hub seems to be very expensive, I have been using BT broadband for years and still think it is the best, as is.

    1. Hi Albert, glad to hear that your router is performing well. The BT Smart Hub has many benefits including; the latest and fastest AC technology and much greater range on the router.


  2. Having trouble connecting smart hub to Ethernet patch network. When I plug it in my house phone says ‘line cord fault’ and Ethernet doesn’t work. Any clues what I’m doing wrong?

  3. Just got my new smart hub 6, set up was simple and I now have excellent coverage round the house. With my BT tv box I am now able to watch BT sport in high def rather than it looking like a pirate video from the 80s, hub and tv are in different rooms separated by 2ft solid walls so they’re connected using the plug in mini connector kits. Previous connection speeds were below 3mbps and while still fluctuating as advised we have not dropped below 17mbps Couldn’t be happier and all in time for Christmas

  4. Would the smart router be any good for me as I can’t get infinity or fibre broadband as I’m connected to the exchange and not a street cabinet and have been told it never will be so I am on basic broadband and I have trouble connecting wireless in my bedrooms and I live in a bungalow

  5. I have only been with BT since November and I have just upgraded to the smart hub from the hub 4 which was awful, the smart hub is hardly any better than the hub4 if at all. I had my speed tested and it was only showing between 2 -4. Will upgrading further to infinity make any difference whatsoever? The customer service has been shocking! extremely unsatisfied.

  6. We live in rural Scotland with basic broadband (1-2 MB) supplied by copper wires and live in a house with thick stone walls! Currently using the hub 4 but I’m desperate to improve coverage and speed consistency in upstairs rooms for son’s Xbox etc. Is the smart hub likely to improve our situation and if so, would it be better to fix IP settings so that devices needing more speed always get it?

  7. Hi,

    I’ve been a BT employee for a few months now and I really want to get BT Infinity internet in my home, but I’m still on contract with Talk Talk. Any suggestions how I could switch providers without paying too much or any early cancellation fees?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Kerry, you’ll probably have some built in smart apps on the TV that will be 4K enabled (Netflix/ Amazon Video). If you’re talking about BT Sport 4K, then you’ll need to upgrade your YouView box to an Ultra HD YouView box if you haven’t got one already.

      Thanks, Alex

  8. I’ve just paid out to upgrade to the smart hub and to be honest, it’s made no difference whatsoever. The range is pretty bad and keeps dropping out. 2 weeks in and it would appear to be a total waste of money and time.

  9. hi,
    my house is in a bt wifi openzone but the wifi only works on the laptop if i buy a hub will it allow my phone to connect to the wifi. I pay 15£ a month for the unlimited wifi.

  10. Parental controls: can you set different times for different days?and more on off access time to the internet for devices . The hub 5 just has one setting for all days and this it too blunt. Is the new hub any better?

  11. “Unlike other routers, if the BT Smart Hub encounters a problem it will shut itself off and reboot in order to make a fresh connection.”

    I’m not sure that this sounds like a helpful feature… what kind of problem would make it decide to reboot?

  12. Have updated from HH5 to the Smart hub and am very unimpressed with the wifi reach..doesn’t work nearly as well as it did previously. What do I need to do to extend the range of the wifi?

  13. Will the Smart Hub work with our BT broadband – we do not have fibre supply? Our old Hub 3 keeps dropping out and has done so for 6 months or more.

  14. will it take an external booster antenna?

    want to use this with it:-

    Tp-Link 2.4Ghz 24Dbi Outdoor Grid Parabolic Antenna

    1. If you’re talking about turning it into a DD-WRT modem then unfortunately this is not possible with the Smart Hub

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