Are People Still Buying Landline Phones? Of Course!

When mobile phones came along people started to wonder if the writing was on the wall for traditional landline phones. With the ability to take these phones everywhere you went, there were some who did away with their home phones altogether, instead opting to use their mobiles as their main form of communication.In the smartphone era we find ourselves in, where users can do anything and everything on one device, there are still people who believe that landline phones have been confined to history along with typewriters, video recorders and cassette radios in your car.

However, landline phones are still around and still going strong. If anything, the market is expanding and people are still looking for new and improved landline phones putting some of our BT home phones amongst the most in-demand forms of tech – and that’s saying something!

How long have landline phones been around now?



The first landline phone, as we know them today, was created in March 1896 by Sir Alexander Graham Bell, a Scottish-born American scientist, meaning they’ve been in homes around the world for more than 120 years.

Having worked on a project trying to find a way of transporting sound using electricity, Bell could never have imagined the capabilities of his very first telephone. Over the years they have evolved into highly practical, multi-functional devices far from the first design all those years ago.

Today you can do all kinds of things with your phones including blocking unwanted callers, recording messages when you’re out and even walking around the house while you chat away with one of the many styles of cordless home phones available.

Can I block calls on a landline phone?

BT6600 Nuisance Call Blocker – Quad

With certain landline phones you can block unwanted callers quickly and easily. There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping what you’re doing to answer the phone, only to realise that it’s a sales call offering you something you’re really not interested in.

BT phones with call blocking software give you the ability to stop this from happening. When an unknown number calls our software will ask the caller to leave their name, ensuring that recorded messages don’t get through. It’s then up to you if you choose to decline the call and block the number, answer the call or to let it go through to the answering machine.

Are there any home phones for the visually or hearing impaired?

BT Big Button 200

Here at BT Shop, we provide a number of big button phones for those who are visually impaired, enabling them to see and press the right buttons on their landline phones. We also stock a number of phones designed specifically for those with hearing impairments.

We’ve got a collection of inclusion phones with variable ringing volume and speech volume, and even phones that are fully compatible with hearing aids so you never have to miss or ignore a call again.

Visit BT Shop today to browse all of our landline phones, plus a whole host of other BT products including our popular whole home Wi-Fi.

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