Choosing Security Software

Security software is important – without it, you run the risk of hackers, viruses and threats damaging your system and corrupting sensitive and confidential information. We use many types of devices every day, increasing the risk of phishing scams, threats and viruses even further. For that reason, it’s essential that you install security software. Here are some factors to consider.

Protecting your OS X system

There are many security suites available that offer protection for Macs. While these anti-malware applications are necessary and ideal for keeping your sensitive information confidential, you’ll find that there are fewer features than those offered by Windows security software. Unlike Windows, there are no performance tools or tune-ups. It is thought that Macs are not as targeted as Windows systems though so this doesn’t mean you’re more at risk if you’re a Mac user.

Protecting your Windows system

You’ll find a wide variety of comprehensive security suites available for Windows systems offering protection against spyware, Trojans, malware and viruses. The majority incorporate real-time scanning every time you download or install a new application – and your system, files and emails will also be automatically scanned regularly to protect against potential threats. On top of that, you’ll also be able to encrypt passwords and take advantage of in-built firewalls.

Norton Security Premium 3.0
Norton Security Premium 3.0,

Protecting your iOS device

While there are security software programs available for iOS, they are rarer than Android software. iOS users can benefit from anti-theft tools but may find it difficult to find a security app that offers privacy protection and malware scanning.

Protecting your Android device

Unlike iOS, you’ll be able to choose from many security suites for Android. These apps offer features such as privacy protection and malware scanning in the form of both real time and scheduled scans. The anti-theft tools enable users to easily locate a stolen or missing device, as well as lock the device remotely or even wipe its data. Security apps are available to download separately – these clever apps run a scan every time you try to install a new application and issue a warning if the permissions seem to be suspect.

Bullguard Mobile Security
Bullguard Mobile Security,

Protection while on the web

As part of your Windows or OS X software, web safeguards may be included to keep you safe while browsing. Take advantage of this extra protection against phishing attacks and scams. The software may also detect suspicious sites and downloads on your social network accounts.

Kapersky Lab Internet Security Multi Device 2016,
Kapersky Lab Internet Security Multi Device 2016,

You can never have too much protection for your devices. Don’t run the risk of your confidential information being accessed. Browse the full range of security software available at BT Shop now.

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