Christmas Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers – Under £50

As Christmas draws ever closer there are plenty of people who will be starting to panic over just what to buy certain people this year. Whether it’s a main present, stocking filler or something of a novelty gift we’ve reached that point where Christmas shopping is becoming increasingly stressful – so we’re here to help!

Like one of Santa’s friendly elves, we’ve come to your rescue with a few gift ideas for tech lovers, all priced below £50 so you can choose the perfect gift for the gadget-loving man or woman in your life this Christmas.

External Hard Drives

All computer owners know how important storage is, and some machines just aren’t designed to cope with modern demands. With hundreds of word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, pictures and music files saved on one hard drive the computer can start to struggle which can be incredibly frustrating.

External hard drives are an ideal solution to this issue – not only because they free up space on the machine – but because you can also take the device with you wherever you go. If you’re working from home over the weekend then an external hard drive is an effective and efficient way of ensuring that you have your files with you at all times.

Music, photos and videos take up a lot of space on your computer, so if the person you’re buying for this Christmas is really into streaming audio or visual content an external hard drive could be the perfect gift. Here are two examples with different amounts of storage, both handily priced under the £50-mark and compatible with a wide range of desktop PCs and laptops.

The Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Hard Drive comes in at £47.98 and is free to use straight out of the box. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port and you’re away.

With no additional software to buy and install you really do get a lot for your money and it’s the ideal gift for someone who uses their computer for school or work, but may not know how to install various different programs and devices.

If 1TB is a little excessive, or perhaps you weren’t looking to spend quite so much, then the Toshiba 500GB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Hard Drive is slightly smaller in terms of capacity and less expensive. With the same sleek styling, universal compatibility and lightweight design which makes it ideal for students or those taking their work home from the office, this top-rated external hard drive costs just £38.98.

Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Hard Drive
Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Hard Drive –


In recent years the number of people wearing headphones everywhere they go has sky rocketed. There was a time in the 2000s when portable music players went out of style, but thanks to devices like the smartphone it’s possible for people to play music on their mobile phones meaning headphones are right back on-trend.

If you’re thinking of buying a pair as a Christmas present but you don’t know where to start, you could always consider whether they wear the small in-ear style or the over-the-head design.

Sennheiser HD 2015 II headphones
Sennheiser HD 2015 II headphones –

For those who prefer the over-the-head style, the Sennheiser HD 2015 II headphones are both stylish and affordable at £48.75.

Renowned for providing a high quality product in terms of sound and comfort, Sennheiser ensure that their range is also fashionable and practical; with these wired headphones plugging into a smartphone, laptop or desktop PC through a 3.5mm plug on a 3m cable.


If the person you’re buying for uses their computer a lot for school or when working at home then a printer will certainly come in handy. There are times when it’s easiest (and cheapest ) for them to print their work when they get to the office or the school library, but if there is a queue or the printer is inevitably broken then that might not be possible.

HP Deskjet 1110 Colour InkJet Printer
HP Deskjet 1110 Colour InkJet Printer –

A high quality printer on a budget is now much easier to find than it used to be. The cost of a top quality inkjet printer has dropped in the past few years, and the HP Deskjet 1110 Colour InkJet Printer is a prime example.

Costing just £31.94 this wired, colour printer is great for printing out schoolwork and office presentations in either black and white or full colour which is great when it’s a visual presentation or a poster for your wall; and the sleek styling means that it can fit neatly onto a bedroom desk or a table or shelf in your makeshift home office.

Connection is via a USB cable which makes it incredibly easy to set up or put away when not in use, it is fully compatible with Windows and Apple MacOS X and there is space for 60 sheets of paper.

Media Players

We’ve already covered how media players are right on-trend, and so is the ability to play your favourite tracks anywhere – out loud.

D-Link DCH-M225/B mydlink Home Music Everywhere
D-Link DCH-M225/B mydlink Home Music Everywhere –

Rather than having to stay close to a plug socket so you can take a docking station or stereo outdoors in the summer sunshine, and without having to keep the device close to wireless speakers, the D-Link DCH-M225/B mydlink Home Music Everywhere plug extends your Wi-Fi connection so that your wireless sound reaches further than ever before.

Parties can be affected by music quality, and it’s always good to be able to change the track or stream a different playlist without having to move, and this small, powerful device works with any device to ensure that you can enjoy your barbecue, pool party or family gathering.

Best of all, however, you can get all of this for a stocking filler-friendly £15 – the perfect gift for a gadget-loving music fan.


Computer games are always in high-demand around Christmas time, and these days there are more and more genres available with some that even get the whole family involved – perfect for a post-Christmas Dinner activity!

Some people prefer online gaming, others prefer to play on tablets these days, but games consoles remain incredibly popular. At the moment the Xbox seems to be reigning supreme over the PlayStation, but before you do too much research into the perfect computer game as a Christmas present make sure that you know which console they currently own!

If it’s an Xbox then we’ve got three fantastic suggestions for you to choose from, depending on the recipient of course, and each comes in at under £50…

The first is for the hardcore gamer who loves the role playing format. Gears of War 4 on Xbox One is the latest edition from Ubisoft and enables the player to take on a specific role in a single or multi-player mission to defeat various enemy insurgents. (Certificate 18 and priced at £46.60).

MineCraft on Xbox One
MineCraft on Xbox One –

If that’s not what you’re looking for then how about something of a modern take on a classic arcade game format? MineCraft on Xbox One takes players into a virtual world where you can design and build your own kingdom. It can be played individually, in teams of four or even teams of eight depending on your gaming preference. Suitable for ages 10 and up they can let their imaginations run wild, (priced at £16.60).

Finally, for a family-friendly game that everyone can have a go at (just give it some time after the Christmas Dinner), Just Dance 2017 for Xbox One has more than 40 tracks for you all to get up and dance to – perfect for a big family party or for seeing in the New Year, (priced at £40.80).

For more great Christmas gift ideas for tech and gadget lovers, visit BT Shop today.

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