Control Lighting, Heating, Power & More with Lightwave Smart Home Systems

If you’re looking for a way to give your home something of a makeover, but don’t want to splash out on home furnishings and expensive interior designers; converting your home into a smart home with Lightwave might just be the answer to your prayers.

Offering customers a vast range of stylish and affordable smart home systems and devices covering everything from smart sockets to thermostats and light bulbs; Lightwave are certainly making waves in the sector and offer smart devices that give you complete control over your home without even needing to be there.

Who are Lightwave, and what do they do?


Lightwave are a UK company founded in 2007 who specialise in smart home systems and devices. Offering a wide range of home automation systems, the company are most widely known for their collection of smart lighting, heating and power that work wirelessly to make the life of the user simpler than ever before.

Like many other companies specialising in smart systems, Lightwave have taken steps to ensure that their products are as stylish and affordable as possible. Don’t get confused by the word ‘affordable’, however, as they are far from being made “on the cheap.” It simply means that their product offerings are not going to break the bank, (especially here at BT Shop!)

All of the wireless systems work through the intuitive Lightwave Link Plus controller which receives signals from the smartphone or tablet apps, or enables you to make manual adjustments.

What Lightwave products are available at BT Shop?

At BT Shop you’ll find a number of the latest Lightwave smart devices enabling you to revamp your home your way. From ‘plug and play’ devices that are up and running in a matter of minutes through to DIY upgrades that take a little more time to install, Lightwave have produced a collection of high quality systems and devices that we’re delighted to have available here at BT Shop.

Brighten up your home life with smart lighting


Wake up gently with a soft glow, enjoy movies in the perfect atmosphere or give the impression that someone is home while you’re out with fully customisable smart lights from Lightwave.

The Lightwave Gen 2 Lighting Starter Kit gives you the ability to schedule lights to come on with your alarm, or to dim at bedtime to help you drift off to sleep your way. You can control all of the lights from the app on your phone or tablet, too, meaning that you can switch the lights on or off without moving from your comfortable position in bed or on the sofa.

Take control anytime, anywhere with smart sockets and power


Stop wasting money by taking control over the power in your home with smart plugs and remote control sockets designed and developed by Lightwave. With these installed in your home you can turn sockets on and off at the touch of a button helping you to save money on your energy bills.

These clever, programmable smart sockets also extend out into the garden enabling you to schedule your outdoor lighting to come on at a certain time or to start the pump on your water feature.

Save energy with room-by-room smart heating


If you like waking up and feeling the chill in your room so that you can stay under the duvet, but the kids like waking up and feeling warm then a Lightwave smart radiator valve or thermostat will enable you to adjust the heating in your home on a room-by-room basis.

Not only that, you can program the Lightwave RF smart thermostat via your smartphone or tablet so that the house is nice and warm when you get home from work or the school run, helping to save energy and money.

Are Lightwave products compatible with other smart devices?

Yes, Lightwave products are compatible with a range of other smart devices and systems enabling you to control your home your way. The systems are fully compatible with Apple HomeKit meaning you can use your phone or voice to control the various devices; or you can use voice control through the Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speakers.

Browse the full range of Lightwave products, plus more smart home systems and devices at BT Shop.


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