Create the Perfect Smart Home with Hive and our Big Brand Event

Smart technologies are taking over everything we do from switching on the lights in the morning to staying in touch with friends and family through popular smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

While many have already adapted some of the latest and most innovative smart home systems and devices there are some who are a little slower on the uptake – but that’s okay! Here at BT Shop our Big Brand Event will help you create the perfect smart home with the help of one of the leading smart home brands – Hive – and our Big Brand Event.

What smart systems do Hive do?

Hive have developed some of the most popular and futuristic smart devices available on the market today with products covering just about every sector of the smart home market.

They’ve grown from a little-known brand specialising in thermostats to the UK’s leading smart home provider in just a few short years and their range of smart devices continues to grow and evolve all the time.

In addition to their flagship smart thermostats and heating systems, Hive has also developed a series of innovative smart security cameras, motion sensors and light bulbs to help you keep an eye on your property even when you’re not around.

The Hive View security camera records real-time footage delivered straight to your smartphone or tablet, while motion sensors will also provide an alert on your device if any suspicious activity is picked up.

Smart light bulbs can be controlled individually or as individual bulbs giving you the ability to brighten or dim the lights to suit the mood or occasion.

Can I get a monthly plan with Hive


Yes, you can, and best of all you get one month free if you’re a BT customer!

There are three different monthly plans available with Hive giving you the ability to create the perfect smart home for you.

  • The Welcome Home Plan is the least expensive and most basic of the packages giving you everything you need to create a smart home from scratch including the Hive Hub, motion sensor, light bulbs, plugs and Hive Live for £10.75 per month.
  • The middle-of-the-range Hive Heating Plan will cost you £20.75 per month and gives you complete control over the temperature in your home with the brand’s stylish thermostat. This plan works with the Hive Hub, Hive Active Heating system, receiver and Hive Live.
  • The third and final plan available is the Hive Close to Home Plan which will enable you to stay connected with your home anytime, anywhere for £29.99 per month. This package provides you with the Hive View smart security camera, window or door sensors, Hive hub, smart light bulbs, plug and video playback for the ultimate in modern smart home security.

What Hive offers are available in the Big Brand Event?

So now you know who Hive are, what they do and what makes the range so popular; it’s time for you to see what smart devices and systems are available in the Big Brand Event. Don’t’ forget, the offers change every week so you’ll have to move quickly to take advantage of these limited-time deals:

Hive View smart security camera

One of the latest additions to the range but already one of the most successful, the Hive View camera is a stylish desktop security camera capable of delivering real-time, HD footage to the app on your smartphone or tablet giving you the peace of mind you need if you’re away from home. Available in a choice of colours the camera also offers voice functionality through a built-in microphone and speaker enabling you to speak to the kids from your desk when stuck working late.

Hive Active Heating

The flagship device in the range, the Hive Active Heating system comes with a one-year warranty and is fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT giving you complete control over your smart home. To switch on, program or adjust the system you can simply adjust the dials on the thermostat or open the Hive app on your smartphone or tablet – simple as that!

The Hub plugs into your broadband and the receiver works with your thermostat to adjust, activate or cut the heating at your demand.

Hive smart light bulbs

If you’re the kind of person who finds getting up to adjust the lights frustrating then Hive Active Light bulbs are for you! Installation is quick and easy you just remove your existing light bulb, replace it with the Hive Active bulb and pair it with your Hive Hub. You’ll then have complete control over the brightness, and even when the lights are on or off to help reduce your energy bills.

No more sitting in the brightest light or with the lights off, dim the bulb until it creates the perfect atmosphere.

To find out more about the full range of Hive smart systems and devices head over to BT Shop now, and take advantage of the great Hive deals in our Big Brand Event!

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