Do Unexpected Things with Windows 10 + Anniversary Update

Here’s why Windows 10 is referred to as the “best Windows ever”…


Benefits of Windows 10:

It’s familiar – experience a similar start-up menu to Windows 8.1

It’s innovative – enjoy creative experiences across a range of Windows devices

It’s trusted – Windows 10 is used by over 300 Million users around the world

“With over 350 million devices now running Windows 10, customer satisfaction is higher than any previous version of Windows” – Microsoft

It’s productive- increase productivity with features from Windows 10, including the ability to customize your start menu with quick links to ‘apps,’ ‘settings,’ and ‘power’. You can also resize your menu to a size that best suits you. You can get your favourite apps from the Windows store to pin to your menu.

‘Search’ allows you to find anything, anywhere. When you type what you’re looking for into the ‘search’ bar, it’ll show results from all over your computer, and the web. In the ‘action centre’ of your Windows 2-in-1 device, Windows 10 allows you to choose how you want to use your device; including ‘tablet mode,’ ‘settings,’ ‘location,’ and ‘Wi-Fi’.

Cortana (available in selected markets) allows you to find out information easier and faster; you can type or speak to set reminders, or just chat to Cortana.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update – 2nd August, 2016!

The Windows 10 Anniversary update is now available to customers. Windows 10 Anniversary Update includes advanced security features for consumers, new gaming experiences, and new tools for the modern classroom. Everyone running Windows 10 will get these new updates for free. Customers’ main feedback has been key for the Anniversary Update, so improvements have been made to reflect user experiences.


You can free up space on your computer and save your documents on OneDrive. You don’t actually need an internet connection to use folders online; you can use them offline, just check ‘sync’ in your OneDrive settings.

Microsoft Edge & Cortana

The new browser for Windows 10 allows you to find information faster by searching in the Microsoft Edge address bar. The hub allows you to collect everything from the web into its own folders, including ‘favourites,’ ‘history,’ and ‘downloads’. When you’re ready to read your webpage, turn on ‘reading view’ to keep articles in clear sight. You can make notes on your webpage with WebNote; just select the ‘WebNote’ button, use your pen or highlighter (or type notes), then save your ideas and share them with others.

Microsoft Edge is the only browser to come with Cortana; the personal assistant who helps you do things quickly. Cortana is always available for when you need a little more information.


Cortana works across devices to help get jobs done. She tells you ‘reminders’ that you’ve set and alerts you regarding upcoming events in your calendar. Over time, Cortana becomes more personal and useful; she helps you forget less, and do much more.

Gaming with Xbox

‘The best Windows ever for gaming’



With Windows 10 and Xbox, you can stream games, connect your Xbox controller to your PC, and even record game clips and videos to share your best moments with friends. Using ‘Game DVR,’ you can easily edit your clips and screenshots. Your existing games work perfectly, and now you can add new Xbox titles to your game stack.



With Continuum, devices work seamlessly on two screens. You can move swiftly between devices, tablet, keyboard, mouse, and/or touchscreen. You can work and play by turning your PC into a tablet.



Windows 10 is the most secure Windows we’ve ever built. From the first boot up through the supported lifetime of your device, Windows Defender is protecting against viruses, malware and spyware.

  • 3 anti-virus spyware and malware coming from Windows Defender
  • Updates that help protect against threats
  • SmartScreen
  • Windows Hello

Log into devices with face recognition

Windows Hello is designed so that your device recognises you almost instantly using your face, fingerprint or iris. Only you are recognised. Ready to use if your device has a fingerprint reader or a camera that supports it. Makes using your device easier and more secure.


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