Everything You Need to Know About Google Home

Between 26th March and 4th April this year we’re bringing you some incredible Easter Deals with prices reduced on a number of our most popular products, one of which is the Google Home smart speaker.

In recent months people have been going crazy for smart speakers and smart home devices, but there remain some who don’t know what they are, how they work and what they’re all compatible with. Well, if our Easter Deals weren’t enough for you, we’ve compiled this handy guide to give you everything you need to know to take advantage of our great – and limited time – offers on Google Home!

What is Google Home?


Google Home Smart Speaker

So, let’s start at the beginning. The Google Home smart speaker is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled device that works as your own virtual assistant around the house.

While it may not be able to do the cleaning for you, this intuitive voice activated speaker will search the web for answers to your questions and can even connect to other smart home devices and systems around the house to give you complete control over your appliances without lifting a finger.

What is a smart speaker?


Smart speakers are capable of playing music in and around your home or garden, while also using voice search to browse the web. Want to know about the weather forecast or when a certain event happened? Just ask your virtual assistant and Google Home will provide you with accurate and up-to-date answers.

What can the Google Home smart speaker do?


Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

By starting your conversation with “OK Google,” you activate the device and it’s then on-hand to help with your request or question. Want to watch the next episode of your favourite show on Netflix? Just ask your Google Assistant to find it and play it through your smart TV, or ask to listen to your Spotify playlist. Want to know the latest score? Again, just ask and your smart speaker will give you all the details.

It doesn’t just tell you things, though. A Google Home device is compatible with a whole host of devices and systems giving you control in around your smart home.

What smart home devices is Google Home compatible with?


Google Home Smart Speaker

If you’ve got a smart thermostat installed then you can control your smart heating system when you’re too hot or cold; and you also have the ability to adjust the brightness of your smart lighting and much more.

Smart home devices and systems are becoming increasingly common in households around the UK, and these clever little speakers are being frequently updated to ensure that they’re compatible with as many smart products as possible.

Google Home is compatible with a variety of smart devices and online streaming services including Philips Hue lighting, Nest smart heating systems, Samsung SmartThings, Spotify and many more.

How much does Google Home usually cost?


The Google Home smart speaker is usually priced at £129, while the Google Home Mini – a smaller version of the device – is usually £49. However, as part of our Easter Deals you can pick up a Google Home for just £99 or the Google Home Mini for £34.

Hop to it though, these deals won’t last long!

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