Find The Best Mouse And Keyboard Combinations

The keyboard and mouse are essential peripherals to any PC, making it important to get them right. With so many combinations to choose from, how do you know what to look for? We’ve compiled this helpful guide so you’re armed with all the knowledge you need to ensure you choose the best combination.

When buying a combination, you’ll need to bear in mind that the mouse and keyboard will come as a pair – so you should opt for the combination that offers you the best design elements and features for your needs.

Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710
Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 –

Features To Look For

There are a number of features you should consider when buying your mouse and keyboard combination:

  • Wireless range. In order to be truly mobile and use your keyboard and mouse anywhere in the home, you’ll need to ensure you choose a combination with a good wireless range. We recommend choosing one with a range of no less than 30 feet.
  • Keyboard. Look for a keyboard with long battery life to ensure it will keep working for as long as you need it to. Customisable hot keys allow you to access and open files and documents more efficiently, while a battery level indicator is useful for gauging the remaining battery life.battery
  • Mouse. A mouse with a rechargeable base is useful if you’re using it on the move, while an on/off switch can be just as handy. For more accurate tracking, look for a mouse with programmable buttons and laser technology.


In addition to the features they offer, you should also factor in the design element, and how it will help you on a day-to-day basis:

  • Ergonomic. If you use your computer for long periods of time, choosing a mouse and keyboard with an ergonomic design is crucial. You can also look for an adjustable keyboard that offers a built-in palm rest for extra comfort while you’re working.
  • Scroll wheel. A mouse with a scroll wheel offers super-fast scrolling and easier click-to-click action – handy if you’re accessing a large database or reading long documents.scroll wheel

Help & Support

Bear the following in mind before you commit to buying:

  • Does it offer plug-and-play functionality? With plug-and-play, all you have to do is plug your mouse and keyboard into an available USB port and perform an initial sync between them and your computer and you’ll be ready to go – it’s that simple.
  • Is it multi-OS compatible? Compatibility with many different operating systems allows for true portability – so you can simply plug in and go, whether you’re on a Mac or a Windows laptop.

Our Recommendation

So now you know what to look for, here’s our recommendation: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710.


  • Wireless connectivity – allowing you to work or play anytime, anywhere.
  • Unifying receiver – the receiver stays inside your laptop, with the option of adding a second compatible wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • Three-year battery life – in both keyboard and mouse.
  • LCD dashboard – giving you instant status information on your battery, scroll lock, caps lock and number lock.
  • Concave keys – for easy, comfortable typing.
  • Palm rest – cushioned for extra comfort.
  • Ergonomic mouse – so your fingers and hand are positioned naturally and comfortable.
  • Scroll wheel – for super-fast scrolling through long webpages and documents.

Of course, you don’t have to go with our recommendation – browse the full range of keyboards and mice now at BT Shop.

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