Find the Latest Offers on BT Products in our Big Brand Event

The BT name is known in homes across the UK because we’ve built a reputation for high quality products and services. From our traditional range of home phones to more modern products such as smart security cameras and Whole Home Wi-Fi; we’re continuing to develop and expand our range of BT products to ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable connections as well as the very best gadgets on the market today.

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to invest in our market-leading range of products, Week 4 of our Big Brand Event focusses on a collection of the most popular BT products and some of the most recent additions to the range. You can find all of the offers and deals on BT products on the event page, but here’s just a taster of what’s available this week:

What BT products are available in the Big Brand Event?

Among our featured offers are our super-fast and super-reliable BT Whole Home Wi-Fi which, as the name suggests, delivers a high quality Internet signal to every room in your house. Ensuring that you’re always connected to the strongest signal, not just the nearest device, Whole Home Wi-Fi has made streaming your favourite shows, live sport and video calling faster and more reliable than ever before.

That’s not all, either, as our innovative new BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot is also available in the Big Brand Event helping you to connect to any wired or wireless device.

If video calling isn’t quite your thing and you still enjoy the traditional forms of communication then we also have a wide range of corded and cordless home phones available in the Big Brand Event. With everything from single handsets up to our BT Advanced Phone with three handsets, answer machine and call blocking feature; you’ve everything you need to stay in touch with friends and family however you want to without having to worry about the mobile signal.

 Are home phones still relevant?

With just about everyone doing just about everything on a smartphone these days it’s easy to assume that home phones have had their day. In actual fact, there are many who prefer the functionality and features of their landline phones which enable them to call friends, family, restaurants and shops without having to worry about the mobile signal dropping out.

There are also the benefits of being able to block certain numbers from calling and storing your all-important numbers to make life simpler and less stressful for older relatives.

What is the BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot and how does it work?

One of the newest products in the BT range, the Wi-Fi Home Hotspot is a smart plug that works with any Internet provider and helps to connect any device in your home to the Internet.

Providing a seamless and super-fast experience, the BT Wi-Fi Home Hotspot is great for personal or professional use and can improve your streaming and download speeds making it your new best friend when video calling friends or clients from home.

What is the BT Smart Home Cam?

Have you ever gone away on holiday and left a friend, family member or neighbour with a key so that they can go in and check everything is as it should be for you? Well now you can get peace of mind wherever you are and whenever you want it with the BT Smart Home Cam providing you with real-time footage from in and around your property.

Delivering the video directly to your smartphone or tablet, the BT smart security camera delivers alerts from the built-in motion sensor and even offers night vision to make sure that any intruders are caught on camera.

To see more of the range of BT products available in our Big Brand Event, head over to the BT Shop site.

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