Find Your Perfect Match: How to Get the Best TV & Soundbar

If you can’t be cheering your team on in Russia then you needn’t worry about how to feel a part of the game. Here at BT Shop, we understand that you want to feel the roar of the crowd as you support your country in this year’s tournament and that’s why we want to help you to get the best TV and soundbar deals for the full big game experience.

We recently wrote about why you should be upgrading your current television prior to the tournament, and to fully immerse yourself in all the big games then a wireless soundbar is a must-have, too!

For anyone who doesn’t quite understand what a soundbar is and what it does, it’s essentially a wireless (often Bluetooth) speaker that works in partnership with your television to upgrade the sound quality and give you a surround sound or home cinema-like experience. Think of it as an extension and improvement on your TV’s built-in speakers.

How do I choose the best soundbar for my TV?

A soundbar is a great way of bringing modern, high quality and surround sound quality into your home without the need for any wires. Home theatre systems have been around for many years now and wireless soundbars are the latest evolution, discarding the cables and providing a high definition sound quality.

Before you start shopping and trying to distinguish what makes one particular model better than another, here are some of our top tips for choosing the best soundbar for your TV:

  • Brand compatibility is best. The first thing you should always do when choosing a soundbar for your TV is to look for one by the same manufacturer. Whether it’s a brand new Samsung 4K UHD TV or a model you’ve had for a few years now, a Samsung soundbar will always work best as they’ve been designed with each other in mind, not adapted to suit.
  • Bluetooth or wireless. Believe it or not, there is a difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled or wireless soundbars. This is the way in which your TV and soundbar communicate with each other and – generally speaking – Wi-Fi has the greater range enabling you to place your speakers further from the TV. However, this is determined by the coverage and speed of your Internet connection at home, something you don’t need with a Bluetooth option.
  • Smart home compatibility. As voice search and smart speakers become more popular, an increasing number of new gadgets will be compatible with a host of smart home systems and devices. If you’ve got a smart TV then it may be that your soundbar is compatible – especially if it’s the same brand – and you might be able to ask your Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker to turn on the football and your speakers to really impress your friends this summer!

Are there any TV and soundbar deals?

We’re glad you asked! At BT Shop we’ve got a number of great TV and soundbar deals available to help you get the perfect combination ahead of this year’s World Cup.With everything from offers on the latest 4K UHD TVs to incredible soundbars with built-in subwoofers – and joint TV and soundbar deals – you’ll be able to find them all in our latest tech offers.

To find your perfect match ahead of this year’s World Cup in Russia, browse the full range of soundbars and televisions at BT Shop including the very latest 4K UHD TVs and accompanying soundbars to immerse yourself in every one of this year’s fixtures.



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