Get Amazing Samsung Deals in the BT Shop Big Brand Event

With an extensive product range covering everything from sleek and stylish smartphones and tablet computers to incredible 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs, Samsung have (quite literally) become a household name in the technology sector; and they’re the latest brand to feature in the 2018 BT Shop Big Brand Event.

In our online store you’ll be able to take advantage of some of the very best Samsung deals and offers covering products from right across the range, but in case you’re wondering who they are, what they do and how you might benefit from Samsung gadgets over the many competitors; here’s something of a beginner’s guide to Samsung and what they do to help you find your next top tech deal in our Big Brand Event.

Who are Samsung and what do they do?

Founded in South Korea in March 1938, the Samsung brand has grown into one of the biggest and most well-known in the world. Wherever you go the chances are that you’ll see Samsung products used in daily life with people talking on Samsung smartphones, working on Samsung laptops or unwinding in the evening watching a crystal-clear Samsung Smart TV.

The brand generated an estimated $223.4 billion in 2017 making it one of the world’s most profitable company’s thanks in no small part to their stunning range of smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, smart home devices and televisions.

Their flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy, is widely regarded as the closest competitor in the sector to the Apple iPhone; and the brand continue to go toe-to-tech with the Californians with the Samsung Galaxy Tab and their own smart watch, too, the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The one sector where they do hold a major advantage over Apple in particular is in televisions, with Samsung TVs among the most popular right around the world.

Are there any Samsung Smart TV offers in the BT Shop Big Brand Event?

We’ve got 7 incredible Samsung 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs in our Big Brand Event this year with models ranging from 43” right up to 75”. Whatever it is you’re looking for from a home entertainment system, Samsung are able to provide it with many of their latest televisions – including the 4K Ultra HD models – compatible with soundbars and home theatre systems.

The Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV range featured in the Big Brand Event this year, is a great addition to any home regardless of whether you watch a few soaps to unwind in the evening, all of the live sport or blockbuster movies with the lights off or you enjoy sitting and binge-watching shows on Netflix or catch-up. Each model offers crystal clear colour with more than one billion different colours helping to deliver the sharpest picture.

What else is available?

Also included in the Samsung Big Brand Event are the immersive Samsung HW-N300 Wireless Compact All-in-One Soundbar which will complement your new Samsung television perfectly; along with blu-ray players, the Samsung Galaxy Watch in various colours and styles, Samsung Galaxy S8 and the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones, plus Galaxy Tabs – the Samsung tablet – and Samsung SmartThings devices and systems to turn your home into a smart home.

What is Samsung SmartThings?

Helping you to take control of the devices and systems in your home at the touch of a button, SmartThings is Samsung’s smart home offering which features the beautifully styled Samsung SmartThings Hub, available in the Big Brand Event this year.

The SmartThings Hub is the focal point of the system which “talks” to other devices around the home such as smart security cameras, motion sensors and the new SmartThings button which lets you take control of pre-programmed lighting and heating setups.

Fully compatible with devices including both the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speaker so you can control systems using your voice, Philips Hue smart light bulbs and the Ring video doorbell; SmartThings lets you control your smart home your way.

Out of this world: Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S9 – the latest edition of the brand’s now iconic smartphone – was one of the first to offer the “infinity display” with the screen going right to the edge of the device.

Always a slightly larger model than the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy was always regarded as the closest competitor for the Apple smartphone but it is now believed to be closing the gap thanks to its stunning design, incredible features and vastly better battery life!

Their tablets aren’t exactly and after-thought, either, as the beautiful Samsung Galaxy Tab is another of the brand’s global success stories. Selling thousands of models the world over, like its smaller sibling the Galaxy S smartphone, the Galaxy Tab is seen as the genuine alternative to the Apple iPad.

To browse the full range of offers and deals in our Big Brand Event, head over to BT Shop now.

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