Google Home Just Got Even Smarter

Your Google Home smart speaker just got even smarter. While multi-tasking may or may not be your strongest point, the latest update to the Google Home device just made it possible for the virtual assistant to understand and process multiple requests – and to act upon them.

Just this week the Google Home software was given an update that enables it to handle as many as three queries in one go, rather than processing one at a time. Now, rather than asking your Google Assistant to “switch off the lights in the bedroom, and then in the bathroom” users can ask their device to “switch off the bedroom and bathroom lights, and play my relaxing playlist.”

How do I update my Google Home device?

Updating your Google Home speaker to the latest version of the firmware is fairly quick and easy, and works in a similar way to how you would update your smartphone. Simply open the Google Home app on your phone and locate your smart speaker in the Settings. From there simply identify the latest edition of the firmware and it will update your device for you.

What smart home devices can I control using my Google Home?


As the updates continue and smart home devices continue to evolve, Google Home speakers will become compatible with more systems than ever before. Right now the voice activated speakers work with individual products and complete smart home systems from a variety of different manufacturers including Philips and Samsung, as well as streaming music.

Of course, the device is fully compatible with other Google products including Chromecast and Google Play; but it is its wide-ranging compatibility with other smart home products that makes it so impressive and so appealing to consumers. The Google Home and Google Home Mini have the ability to take control of individual products and systems, specific rooms in your home and systems throughout the property.

“OK Google, switch off the lights” and it’s done. Google Home works with various smart lighting systems and products including the innovative Philips Hue wireless light bulbs and Nest lighting that allow you to adjust individual bulbs not just in terms of being on or off, but brightness and even colour.

Through Google Chromecast you can even ask your virtual assistant to play a specific show or film on Netflix. All you need is a smart TV and the Chromecast streaming media player and you can watch what you like, when you like.

You can even control your central heating. If you’ve got smart heating installed then you can control your smart thermostat by simply saying “OK Google, set the temperature to 20 degrees” and the wireless connection between your smart speaker and your Nest or Hive thermostat will adjust it for you.

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