How to Choose the Best Hive Package for Your Smart Home

As one of the more established brands in the ever-evolving smart home sector, Hive have become one of the most recognisable names based on their expanding range of high quality smart heating and security systems. With the ability to control all of the devices using the intuitive Hive app, users are able to control individual devices and full systems without even being in the property giving complete freedom and peace of mind.

Almost everyone has left the house wondering if they’ve turned the bedroom light off in the morning, or set the central heating to come on when they leave work, so you can arrive home to a warm house in the winter.

Thanks to Hive active heating and security systems you can check quickly and easily via the Hive app on your phone or tablet. Hive offers customers a number of different smart systems and devices, as well as a choice of different pay monthly plans to get the very best out of your investment.

If you’re interested in any of the popular Hive smart devices, here’s everything you need to know to make an informed decision:

Turn your home into a smart home with the Hive Welcome Home Plan


Hive Smart Plug

The least expensive of the three monthly plans, the Welcome Home Plan starter package offers everything you need to turn your home into a smart home.

For £9.99 per month you’ll get a Hive hub that receives and delivers all of your instructions to the corresponding devices, along with a Hive motion sensor which sends alerts when triggered, plus two Hive smart light bulbs and two Hive plugs.

In addition to these clever devices and systems, you’ll also be signed up to Hive Live giving you exclusive discounts, free delivery and more member benefits. Perhaps best of all, at the end of the first twelve months you will have completely paid for your Hive devices meaning the monthly payments will stop.

Control the temperature in your home with a Hive Heating Plan


Hive Thermostat

There’s nothing worse than a cold house, especially if you’ve been out all day and you want to warm up the second you go through the door. With the Hive Heating Plan at £19.99 per month you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature with the help of the stylish Hive thermostat which can be operated from your smartphone or tablet.

For some people a full-scale smart home system just isn’t necessary and this might be the one for you. A mid-range system that focusses specifically around smart heating systems that can be controlled through the Hive app from anywhere with an Internet connection, users will receive the clever Hive hub, the Hive active heating system and receiver plus a membership to Hive Live.

Keep an eye on your home while you’re away with Hive’s Close to Home Plan


Hive Close to Home Plan

Smart home security is one of the most popular categories in the smart range, giving owners peace of mind that they can keep an eye on their home even when they’re at work or away on holiday.

The Hive Close to Home Plan lets homeowners to stay connected with Hive motion sensors, lights and CCTV cameras that all deliver notifications to your smartphone or tablet.

The more expensive of the plans at £29.99 per month, the Close to Home Plan features the brand new Hive View indoor security camera which provides live 1080p HD video footage to your device and works brilliantly with the wider Hive smart home range. The stylish indoor camera is available in a choice of finishes – black and brushed copper or white and champagne gold – and even gives you the ability to detect people and not pets.

Also included in the package are the Hive Hub, one Hive Plug, Video Playback membership plus two Hive smart lights and two Hive window or door sensors to give you completely visibility and security throughout your smart home.

BT Exclusive offer: Hive Close to Home Plan – get one month free!


We’ve teamed up with Hive to offer BT Customers a one month free subscription for Hive’s Close to Home Plan, which gives you all you need to set up your smart home and enjoy extra peace of mind while you’re away – ideal for summer holidays abroad. Offer ends 24th August, 2018.

To learn more about the different Hive packages or any of the Hive smart devices, visit BT Shop today.

Hive Close to Home pay monthly plan is £29.99 per month. ‘One month free’ offer is valid for BT Shop customers and is valid until 24th August, 2018. After the one month free subscription, customers will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of £29.99.

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