Your Guide to Choosing a Baby Monitor

We know how important it is for parents like you to always keep an eye on your little ones while they’re sleeping, or while you’re in another room. You need peace of mind, and we’re here to give it to you.

Our BT baby monitors range from video to audio baby monitors, delivering sounds and images anywhere (in range) within your home. At BT Shop, we have an extensive range of BT baby monitors that help parents react to their child’s needs whenever they are required.

This blog post provides you with an overview of the benefits baby monitors can offer, as well as the different types (i.e. audio & video). As it’s entirely up to you, we’d like to offer some help for when it comes to making a decision that best suits the needs of you and your baby.

What does a baby monitor do?
BT Audio Baby Monitor 400

Baby monitors are used by parents to listen to, or see their baby while they’re in a different room, and acts as their eyes and ears when they’re not there. Some baby monitors also pick up on baby’s movements and the room temperature, so you’re alerted if your baby has been still for too long, or is too hot or cold.

Baby monitors also relieve parents of feeling anxious, as they’ll know whether or not their baby needs them when they’re not there. It’s understandable that parents don’t want to miss a moment of their baby’s life – with BT baby monitors you can watch and hear your child continuously, from wherever you are in range.

We know how important it is to witness those special moments. Our BT baby monitor range takes this into consideration. Designed to make you and your baby’s lives easier and happier, our BT baby monitor range also intends to maintain the closeness between parent and child.

Different types of baby monitors
BT Audio Baby Monitor Lightshow 450

Baby monitors send signals in three different ways: via analogue, digital and Wi-Fi hook-ups.

Analogue: This sends signals over radio waves, it’s the most common type of signal, however there’s danger of cross-signalling with other analogue baby monitors.

Digital: There is no risk of cross-signalling with a digital signal baby monitor as the signal is encoded between the transmitter and the receiver. All BT Baby Monitors are digital, as they’re much more reliable and do not cross signals, so you’re always in touch with your baby.

Wireless: This allows parents to monitor their baby via a computer, smartphone, or tablet that’s connected to Wi-Fi.

Some questions to ask yourself when buying a baby monitor:
    • Range: How far will I be going in or out of the house? Will the monitor reach me when I’m in my [living room]?
    • Alerts: Do I want alerting when the temperature changes or when it’s feeding time?
    • Type: Do I want an audio or video baby monitor? Do I want a baby monitor with a display that manually pans and tilts so I can see the whole nursery?
    • Comfort: Do I want a baby monitor that plays lightshows and lullabies?
Choosing the best baby monitor

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a baby monitor; it’s whatever’s right for you. Take a look at your own personal set up, take a look at the different product specifications, and pick the top features you think you need. Then, you can compare products and decide which one is right for your circumstances. It’s sometimes a hassle to research the difference between baby monitors, so we built our own compare tool for our BT baby monitor range.

Audio vs. Video baby monitor

When it comes to buying a baby monitor, the first thing you need to decide is whether you’d like a standard audio monitor, or whether you’d like one with video capabilities as well. Both work extremely well – but ask yourself if you’d rather just hear your child, or do you want to see them as well? It’s personal preference – and either way, you’re still there with them.

 Audio baby monitor: lullabies, lightshows, temperature, two-way talk back

When your bundle of joy needs you, you’ll be alerted with audio from your BT Audio baby monitor. To soothe them to sleep, you can control temperature, pick an ambiance and choose from various lullabies, as well as project a ‘Star and Moon Lightshow’ on your ceiling.

You can feel closer to your baby with interference-free HD sound and experience the maximum sound quality from your BT baby monitor. The two way talk back feature allows parents and babies to communicate with each other, so it feels like you’re in the same room. Can you hear your baby crying or moving around restlessly? With the press of a single button, gain instant communication with your bundle of joy. The choice of up to 18 lullabies makes it a lot easier to soothe your baby to sleep and leaves them feeling calm. You can adjust the volume on the monitor so that, when they’re finally asleep, they won’t be woken up again.

Some audio baby monitors, such as the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450, also allow you to see the temperature in the room. If you can see that the temperature is high or low on your baby monitor, you can do what you need to do to make sure your baby is comfortable.

Video baby monitor: large screen size, night-vision, adjustable camera angles, lullabies, zoom in/out, temperature, two-way talk back

Our Video baby monitors allow you to watch your baby fall asleep while you’re walking around your home, so you never miss a precious moment. The large screen, up to 5”, means you can watch your baby with ease. The ‘night-vision’ feature means you can see your baby when the lights are down, so you don’t wake them up by going into their room, or using some form of light to see them.

Getting your baby to sleep can be a hard task at times. With the BT Video Baby Monitor range you have a choice of up to 5 lullabies. You can now zoom in and out of the video to ensure your baby is resting comfortably, and so you can witness every moment. Adjust the camera angle so you, too, are comfortable while monitoring your baby. The temperature display lets you know whether your baby is too hot or cold. The ‘night vision’ feature within our BT baby monitor range is designed to help you see your bundle of joy when the lights are out. ‘Night vision’ is a great feature for when your baby is sound asleep and you don’t want to go into their room as you may startle them.

Interference and reception

The most important point to keep in mind when buying a baby monitor is the range in which you’ll be operating the baby monitor. Will you be in the living room when your baby is in the nursery? Do you intend on using the baby monitor in the garden? Are your walls thicker than average walls? Bear these questions in mind before buying your baby monitor – you need to make sure you’re always in reach of your child. For example, the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 offers long range of 300m outdoors and 50m indoors – so you never miss a sound.

 Battery life

It’s important that your baby monitor lasts as long as you need it to. Our BT baby monitor range requires rechargeable batteries – and they’re initially included in your purchase. So you don’t lose touch with your baby, you want to make sure you have enough battery to last the whole night.

General safety considerations:
  • Your baby monitor is designed to be an aid and should not be used as a substitute for responsible and proper adult supervision.
  • Make sure the Baby unit, Parent unit and mains adapter cables are kept out of reach of your baby – at least 1m away.
  • Never place the Baby unit inside your baby’s cot, bed or playpen.
  • Never cover your Parent or Baby units (e.g. with clothes, towels or blankets).
  • Never use or place your Parent or Baby units in moist places or near water.
  • If travelling abroad, make sure that the voltage shown on the mains power adapter corresponds to the local mains power before connecting to the power supply.
  • There is a risk of explosion if the batteries are replaced by an incorrect type.
  • Always dispose of batteries in accordance with applicable waste disposal regulations, never in your household rubbish.
  • During continual use the Baby unit and Parent unit power adapters may become warm to the touch. This is normal and is not something to be concerned about.
  • In the event of a power failure, when the power is restored all your settings will remain unchanged.

This safety information is an example of how to use your baby monitor safely and was written for the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 Lightshow

Why BT?

There are many baby monitors on the market, but why should you shop with BT? BT is a trusted brand for keeping you close to the people that matter most. Our previous range of baby monitors won multiple awards and the new range of monitors builds upon the previous strengths to make your life easier, by keeping you close to your little ones.

Here’s one of our BT baby monitors in action – BT Video Baby Monitor 6000:


We’re sure you’ll soon be able to relax, knowing that you’re always there whenever your baby needs you.

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