How to Install a Smart Security System in Your Home

Security should always be taken seriously whether it’s your own personal safety or you’re looking after the contents of your home and garden. After investing so much time and money into making a house a home, filling it with the kind of items and possessions that you worked so hard to earn or that have been passed down through the family; nobody should ever run the risk of having those items stolen and smart security systems are the latest form of prevention.

A smart security system is one of the latest additions to the smart home collection of gadgets and innovations designed to transform not only our homes but our lives in general. We know all about smartphones and we’re becoming increasingly aware of smart lighting and heating systems, and now we’re starting to learn more and more about the benefits of smart security.

Put in the simplest terms a smart security system enables a homeowner to monitor their property while they’re out at work, socialising, doing the school run or even on holiday provided that they have an Internet connection.

The different types of products and security systems available are growing and evolving all the time with new brands working to create the next wave of security systems that will deter thieves and make our homes safer than ever before – and all thanks to technology.

How do I install my smart security system?

With many smart home security systems it’s quick and simple to install each device and to start monitoring your home.

BT Smart Home Cam 100 -
BT Smart Home Cam 100 –

Taking the BT Smart Home Cam as an example, the process takes just five minutes and you’ll be up and running. To start with you can just download the free app to your smartphone or tablet and plug in the camera to the nearest plug socket to where you would like it positioned. For many this will be the hallway by the front door or perhaps a shelf that gives you a clear view of the windows and door at the same time.

Once it is in position and switched on, pair the camera with your home Internet router and your smartphone and that’s it – you can then open the app at any time and provided that you have an Internet connection you can watch video footage from each of your cameras.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera
Ring Video Doorbell Camera

Other devices such as the Ring video doorbell work in an almost identical way. You simply follow the short instructions that include mounting the device and pairing it with your home Internet and once you’ve downloaded a free app you can answer the door using video and voice connectivity – even when you’re not home – which can make it seem as though you are at home giving the post service permission to leave a package somewhere.

What smart security products are available?

The types of smart security systems and devices available are wide ranging. Homeowners can invest in everything from individual home CCTV cameras to full systems located around the house and connected wirelessly for a full-scale security operation.

As the technology continues to evolve it is highly likely that there will be even more smart security products released onto the market. For the timebeing the current smart security range includes home CCTV systems and motion sensors designed to sound an alarm when they detect any kind of movement with notifications sent directly to your phone or tablet.

There are also the new range of video doorbells and even smart locks which you can lock and unlock from an app, perfect for when you’re run out of the house in a hurry and you’re unsure if you’ve locked the front door behind you.

You can find out more about the range of smart home security systems available today right here at BT Shop. All of our systems are built to the highest specifications and are suitable for Android and iOS devices.

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