How to Install the Philips Hue Smart Lighting System

Learn how to install your Philips Hue lighting system in just 4 easy steps! If you’ve not heard of Philips Hue when it comes to the smart home– it’s okay. But where have you been? Philips Hue has taken the smart home era by storm, and we’re not surprised. However we’re guessing you’ve heard of Philips Hue and that’s why you’re here. So, welcome… and let’s get started.

What is Philips Hue?

The Philips Hue wireless lighting system combines energy-efficient lighting with intuitive technology. In other words… did you know you can actually control your home lighting straight from your smartphone? It’s that simple.

Philips Hue -
Philips Hue –

Philips Hue offers three types of smart lights that come in different shapes, sizes and models. You just need to choose the ones that are right for your living situation and complement your personal style. Hue lighting is perfect for creating different moods; whether you need a relaxing warm light, a bright light for reading or even different colours for parties and events. It’s literally in your hands! Plus you can set ‘scenes’ – for example, when it’s time to go to bed you may want to set a calming ambiance with dim white lighting. You could call this scene ‘Bedroom’, save it in the Hue app, and then choose it every night before bed if you wish.

Easy to set up, easy to control, easy to impress

Even if you’ve already got some Hue bulbs or you’re only thinking of buying one or two, there’s always an opportunity to grow your Philips Hue family. Once you’ve set up your Philips Hue system, you can go on and add up to 50 Philips Hue lights, luminaries, switches and other accessories as you wish. Just power them and add them to your system via the Philips Hue app.

Philips Hue Starter Kit -
Philips Hue Starter Kit –

Set up your Philips Hue system with these 4 simple steps:

So you’re ready to live smarter? Great. It’s time to set up your new Hue system!

  1. Power your light sources
Philips Hue Fitting -
Philips Hue Fitting –

If you have a Hue starter kit, screw the bulbs into your existing light fittings and turn on your wall light switches. For other Philips Hue lights, such as Philips Hue lightstrip plus, you only have to plug them in and power them. Simple.

2. Set up your bridge

Philips Hue Bridge -
Philips Hue Bridge –

Plug in your bridge and it’ll automatically power up. Connect it to your Wi-Fi router using the network cable provided. Wait for the three lights to come on and you’re ready to go.

3. Download the Philips Hue app and connect to your bridge

Philips Hue Set-up -
Philips Hue Set-up –

Download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Connect to the bridge. Find your lights. And there you have it, you’ve got Philips Hue.

4. Play around and experience light in ways you’d never imagined 

Philips Hue -
Philips Hue –

Now that your system is up and running, it’s time to get familiar with the possibilities of Philips Hue. Explore the functions of the Philips Hue app or download and try some third party apps and discover new ways to play with light. And when you’re ready, you can expand your system to enjoy Philips Hue even more.

Set up and ready to go?

Philips Hue App -
Philips Hue App –

Great – you’re all set up! You can play with light like never before! Play with colours, timers and bring drama to your home by setting your lighting to music, TV and games. Plus, you’ve got loads of apps to choose from; including the official Hue app, which lets stay in control of your smart home quickly and conveniently. Set scenes, wake up to a relaxing ambiance, create rooms, and control your lighting from anywhere – you don’t even have to be in your house. Your Philips Hue bulbs all work together to make your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful. Now go and enjoy your Philips Hue lighting. Lights out.

See Hue in action:

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