How to Maximise the Potential of Your Gaming PC

Gaming is one of the world’s most popular pastimes and maximising the potential of your gaming PC can affect the quality of every single game you play on. It’s far more than just a hobby, as we can see with so many turning this love of virtual reality into a full-time profession.

PC Specialist -
PC Specialist –

While parents or friends may encourage people to get out and about, being “more active”, gaming is every bit as important as a kick about with friends and far more creative than sitting around watching a film on the sofa.

It also provides an opportunity for people to escape reality for a while, immersing themselves in a virtual world where there are only the characters and tasks on screen to focus on.

Whether you’re a keen FIFA player, perhaps you’re more into your Call of Duty or maybe you favour the more “retro” titles that remain popular today among the keen gamers, specialist gaming PCs can make all the difference to your gaming experience and people can spend a lot of money maximising the potential of their gaming PCs to get the very best performance.

Some have done it successfully, others less so. The problem is that many go into it “blind”; buying specific components for their computers that they think are the solution, only for it to end up as an expensive experiment.

To prevent this from happening, we’ve listed a number of areas that you can look at when trying to get the best out of your computer from a gaming perspective. If you’ve got either a gaming PC or laptop, then the following ideas could help to take your gaming experience to the next level:

Areas to look at when trying to maximise the potential of your gaming PC

Graphics – One of the most important elements of a game is how it looks on the screen. It needs to be clear and sharp, making it look and feel as though you’re actually in the game.

While specialist gaming computers are designed with this in mind, a new graphics card can improve the sharpness and quality even further. The main job of a graphics card is to take data from the computer and produce a high quality output that you see on your screen.

One particularly popular graphics card from a gamer’s perspective is the EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB SC Gaming ACX 3.0. This particular card features the new Pascal graphics processor, which is one of the most advanced gaming units ever made, delivering high-performance and innovative graphics.

Memory – You might not think about memory from a gaming perspective, at least not until it comes to saving your progress anyway. Yet games can be ruined by slow operating speeds or – even worse – constant crashing because the computer just cannot cope.

Upgrading your RAM to around the16GB region can take away these issues, or at the very least reduce their impact so that you can enjoy gaming. Serious gamers often choose to upgrade their memory at the earliest opportunity, and the Crucial Ballistix Ninja range is often their weapon of choice. With memory upgrades in various sizes available at prices you can afford, it could be the answer to your prayers.

Speed – As we mentioned, speed is key for gamers and it can be the major hindrance on the experience as a whole. Even the very best games can be affected by slow computers that can’t cope with the demands placed on them, and quite often this is down to the processor.

For those who don’t know, processors are designed to handle the information from the game and the messages you send to the computer (through the keyboard, mouse or controller). We’ve talked about how to install a processor on our blog previously, and we have a wide range that is suitable for both gaming PCs and laptops that will help to bring your machine up to the speeds required.

One prime example being the ASUS X99-A II that is easy to insert into your machine and compatible with a range of desktop or laptop devices – and, for a limited time, you can get a free game with your purchase!

Gameplay – When playing on a PC or laptop you have the obvious choice of controllers, often dictated by the specific game – the keyboard and mouse. With a gaming computer they may have been designed with gaming in mind, meaning they’re much more user-friendly and often purpose-built, putting the keys and buttons in the optimum positions.

What many gamers choose to do, however, is to invest in new controllers that are far more suitable and make it even easier to play. The games might have been adapted for PC gaming, but you can still use specialist gaming controllers and joysticks to play the titles and this is especially useful in war or simulation gaming. You can read more about how to choose a controller on our blog.

Multiple Screens – Depending on the size of your monitor, some games just don’t quite appear right. You might spend a great deal of time scanning the area for enemies and on a small monitor – such as a laptop – this can be very difficult when time is of the essence!

A solution is to buy and install additional monitors that can help you to expand your game-playing across multiple screens with one central point and a number of peripheral screens so you can spot danger before it spots you!

A great example of an additional monitor is the 27-inch Acer CB271HK with 3840×2160 resolution and built-in speakers to help with the surround sound experience.

The age-old debate: gaming PCs versus gaming laptops, which are better?

Gaming Laptop -
Gaming Laptop –

This is the kind of argument that experienced gamers just cannot settle. It’s all down to personal preference and even the types of games played, but gaming PCs and gaming laptops each have plenty of support in their corners.

The two options are closer than you might think in terms of performance, and while you might think that the gaming PC stands out because of the wide range of peripherals and components available – plus a much larger screen – gaming laptops are packed with a range of high-quality components of their own, including the most modern graphics available.

In essence, gaming PCs do still reign supreme in the industry and that’s predominantly down to the speeds they can achieve. Their physical size means that larger, faster components can be built-in or installed and they have the capacity to take in much more air to stay cool and running at the optimum level.

Gaming laptops, in their defence, are the up-and-coming contenders utilising the latest technologies to the best of their ability. They are now faster than ever before with more advanced graphics and enable users to play anytime, anywhere, with enhanced battery life.

It won’t be long until the professional gamers are competing on purpose-built gaming laptops in the major tournaments, so keep an eye on this over the years ahead…

If you’re a keen gamer and are looking to maximise the potential of your own gaming PC, then you can do so right here at BT Shop. We’ve got a wide range of components and storage options suitable for all machines, along with games and home entertainment packages to transform your gaming experience. Take a look in our online store today.

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