How to Upgrade a Gaming PC or Laptop

Gaming is a major pastime for thousands of people around the UK. Some play on typical consoles while others invest in high performance gaming PCs or laptops that have been designed for the specific purpose of gaming.

Asus GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX OC 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Asus GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX OC 8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card –

This means that they are filled with advanced technologies and components that are built to cope with the graphics and fast-moving action you know and love, but times change – how can you keep up without splashing the cash on a whole new machine?

A lot of purpose-built gaming PCs and laptops cost people significant sums of money, the last thing they want to be doing is buying a new one every few years just because the ever advancing gaming industry has developed a new feature that you can’t quite feel the full benefit of with your two year-old gaming computer. The solution – upgrade the existing components.

For some tech-savvy gamers that kind of process might sound easy, but for others it’s a whole new world of technology-related issues. So, how do you upgrade a gaming PC or laptop, and why would you?

How to upgrade a gaming computer

There are five key areas to focus on when it comes to upgrading your gaming PC or laptop: cooling, memory, storage, graphics and the processor. The mistake that many people make when they attempt to upgrade their machine rather than buying a newer model is that they upgrade one component and forget about the others.

In the short-term at least, this leaves them with a more advanced computer that doesn’t necessarily have the capability to cope with the upgrades. This can result in over-heating, buffering or the machine crashing completely.

It can also be difficult to identify the most important areas of your computer to upgrade. There are a number of components that are more expensive than others, and then there are some that may not actually need to be upgraded at that point in time.

For instance, you may have a top quality graphics card and plenty of storage space, but your machine may be running slowly. If you can, diagnose the key areas for improvement and do your research into the parts available before you just rush out and buy a new one – you may open up a whole world of issues!

Why upgrade a gaming computer when you could buy new

The main reason why you might choose to upgrade your machine over buying a new one is budget. There are people who love their gaming, but find that funds are tight and having already bought one expensive gaming PC or laptop, they cannot justify that expense again.

That is a completely logical and understandable reason for upgrading, but there are other reasons why upgrades make more sense than buying new. One is related to the types of games you’re playing and the speed of their advancements.

You may find that the very latest version of your favourite game has been released, but all you need is a slightly better graphics card or a little extra storage space. In this kind of situation, why would you buy new when you can simply upgrade for a fraction of the cost?

Gaming laptops vs desktops – the great debate

When it comes to sheer power, a gaming PC is always going to be far superior to a gaming laptop. However, when it comes to practicality, the laptop wins hands-down because – simply – you can’t carry a desktop PC around with you!

Zoostorm L12 SFF Intel Core i5-6400 8GB 128GB SSD Windows 10
Zoostorm L12 SFF Intel Core i5-6400 8GB 128GB SSD Windows 10 –

The size factor is arguably the main selling point for one or the other. Some gamers find the larger desktop machines more practical for gaming in general because they have a larger screen, specialist keyboards and controls, and significantly more space in terms of memory.

However, there are also gamers out there who will prefer the sleek, lightweight practicalities of a gaming laptop because they can put them in their bags wherever they’re going and play wherever they can which is a key benefit for those who spend a lot of their time travelling on trains or buses.

One factor that will always affect laptops, however, is that their size means that a lot of their features have been “watered down.” They don’t have the physical space for the kind of cooling that a desktop can utilise, and this means that graphics and other key areas are affected – something that a desktop PC doesn’t have to worry about.

The debate over which of the two is actually the best for gaming is likely to remain unresolved until one is completely removed from production. Each, as we have mentioned, has its own series of benefits and gamers can upgrade their existing machines as and when necessary – or possible – in order to enhance the all-round gaming experience. However, if upgrading is the way to go from your own perspective, desktop PCs provide the most opportunities for improvement.

Don’t suffer with slow gameplay or buffering any longer. Just because you can’t afford a new machine doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your gaming. Shop online at BT Shop today and upgrade your existing gaming PC or laptop for maximum performance.

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