Laptops Vs Tablets

Whether you want to watch films on the go, catch up on work on the way to a meeting, or play games from the comfort of your bedroom, laptops and tablets are ideal. The increasing availability and popularity of tablets may leave you wondering which to choose, so we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for both laptops and tablets so you can choose the best device for your needs.



  • Portability – easy to use on the move or in different rooms of your home.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – can connect easily and quickly to Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Gaming performance – if you buy high-tier, you’ll be rewarded with superb gaming performance.
Apple MacBook Gold 12"
Apple MacBook Gold 12″,


  • Battery mode – when you’re away from home, your laptop has to run off the battery unless a power source is available.
  • Laptops aren’t great for multi-tasking.
  • Limited upgradeability – as laptops are all-in-one units, they can be difficult to upgrade.



  • Portability – small enough to fit into a handbag for use on the move.
  • Lightweight – compared to laptops, tablets are very lightweight.
  • Tablets can be used as a GPS navigation device – ideal when you’re lost.
  • Functionality – tablets offer the same functionality as a computer.
  • Battery life – tablets offer superior battery life to laptops.
Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro,


  • Damage – the hardware of a tablet can easily become damaged.
  • Capabilities – weak compared to laptops.
  • Keyboards – tablet keyboards are not as comfortable to use as laptop keyboards.
  • Screen size – tablet screen sizes are much smaller than laptops.
  • Price – tablets can be more expensive than laptops.
  • Peripheral ports – tablets have fewer peripheral ports than laptops.
  • Speed – tablets run more slowly than laptops.

With pros and cons to each, how do you know which one is better? We recommend choosing your device based on what you intend to use it for as well as its capability – find the one that caters for both of these factors. Laptops tend to be more practical for work and education purposes, while tablets are used mainly for recreation. Browse our range of tablets and laptops at BT Shop today.

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