Limited-Time Offers on Google Home and GoPro at BT Shop

When certain products are released onto the market there is a huge wave of fanfare then things can go one of two ways. Either that excitement is short-lived or suppliers find themselves placing repeat orders that are shipped out almost as quickly as they arrive in the warehouse.

In the case of the Google Home smart speaker and the GoPro range of cameras it’s certainly the latter, and here at BT Shop we’re giving you amazing limited-time offers on these incredible pieces of tech.

For a limited period we’re bringing you 10% off the Google Home smart speaker, and as much as 20% off our range of GoPro cameras and accessories. You’ll have to act fast, however, as these offers end on 28th February and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

What is the Google Home smart speaker?

Google Home Smart Speaker

Smart speakers have become the must-have accessory of 2018 with people desperate to bring the latest smart home technology into their homes. These clever speakers are voice activated and utilise the built-in Google Assistant to help you to control your various smart devices around your home as well as providing answers, playing music, organising your schedule for the day and even settling arguments!

Just start with “OK Google” and your Google Home device will spring into action. Just sit back, relax and let your own virtual assistant take care of things for you. Simply enter the code ‘GHSMART10’ at the checkout for your limited-time discount on this year’s must-have device.

What is a GoPro Camera?

GoPro Hero 5 Black

With a GoPro camera you can capture incredible moving footage with stability and 4K clarity giving you the very best shots that genuinely capture every moment perfectly. Whether it’s mounted on your bike, attached to a helmet, strapped to a surfboard or handheld, you can record video footage or capture still images with quality and clarity that professionals would be proud of.

Here at BT Shop we’re giving you up to 20% off our entire GoPro range including the industry-leading GoPro Hero 5 collection, capable of capturing up to 30 frames per second with the 12 megapixel camera, or 4K video footage; and the latest model, the GoPro Hero 6.

To take advantage of these incredible GoPro deals, enter the product discount code at the checkout.

Check out these incredible offers while they last at BT Shop today.

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