Look After Your Loved Ones with Canary Home Security

We all care deeply about our loved ones and while we want to do all we can to keep them safe and secure, we can’t give them the full-time care that they often need. Older family members may be reaching the time in life when they need regular assistance with tasks around the house and they may also be feeling vulnerable when left on their own and Canary home security may just be the best way to give them peace of mind and to keep them in their beloved family home for longer.

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There is nothing worse than feeling as though someone is constantly checking up on you, ensuring that you’re okay and that you’re taking your medicine when you should be. As we get older there is nothing worse than losing that feeling of independence, especially when the alternative to living at home is moving into a care home with the 24-hour support that’s needed.

While moving a loved one into a care home can be stressful, and expensive, Canary Care home security is designed to monitor inside and outside the property so that they feel safe in their homes once again rather than finding themselves stressed, uncomfortable or anxious about what could happen when nobody else is around to look after them which is a win-win situation for everyone.

What is Canary Home Security?

Canary Care is designed to protect people in their homes by providing round-the-clock monitoring that, in the case of the elderly, can help to keep people in their homes for longer without the need for specialist care.

Unlike many home security systems that stick out like a sore thumb, Canary home security systems are discreet sensors that are small enough that you’ll barely notice them. The sensors are able to monitor movement and temperature in each room of the house with the information recorded and sent to a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC in an easy-to-read format that makes it possible for family members to keep a close eye on loved ones without intruding into their daily lives.

Homeowners and their family are also provided with a visitor card that can be given to carers or regular visitors, working similarly to a clocking-in card in the workplace and relaying information stating that an authorised visitors has entered or left the property.

How does Canary Care differ to a simple home security system?

Canary Care systems differ to the more traditional forms of home security in the sense that they don’t use any cameras or microphones. So how do they work we hear you ask? Well, they utilise the sensors to pick up movements and temperature changes and these sensors relay the information.

Many home security systems are obvious and can either spoil the look of a property or make it feel like Big Brother is constantly watching, while other less sophisticated systems can be overridden by savvy burglars or, in some cases, people simply forget to switch them on when they leave the property.

The Canary Care sensors are smart home security systems placed on the walls around the property meaning that they’re less obvious to spot and the handy notifications can provide an indication when all is not as it should be. These notifications can be sent to anybody with a connected account, anywhere in the world, and they can be adjusted so that they only come through when certain actions occur or at certain times of day.

As the relative of the homeowner this is an excellent and unobtrusive way of looking after them and you will receive the alerts when someone leaves the property, when a light is switched on or when there is increased movement in and around the property (if the person lives on their own and the sensors pick up movements in different room, the notifications will let you know someone is in the property).

These alerts can be particularly useful for people who need some kind of routine, such as medication at certain times of day or when they have a full-time care professional visiting the property. If the medication, for example, is kept in a cupboard in the kitchen and your notification says that there has been no movement detected in that room between 7am and 10am; it may be that the person has forgotten to take it and you can then either go round to the property or give them a call to see if everything is okay.

What is smart home security?

Smart security systems enable you to monitor your property without even being there. Too many of us have been in the position where we’ve gone away on holiday and come home to find that the property has been broken into; well thanks to modern smart security systems this nightmare scenario may be a thing of the past.

Rather than simply having video footage from a CCTV camera or an audible alarm, homeowners are able to monitor their property from anywhere in the world provided that they have an Internet connection. Smart security systems are linked to smartphones and computers so that you can check up on the property even when you’re thousands of miles away.

Some of these smart home alarms will even send you a notification if movement is detected so that you can instantly take a look at the camera and alert the police if necessary.

Products and systems range from individual home CCTV cameras to motion sensors and even video doorbells that enable you to answer the door from your desk at work, or even the beach, so that anyone approaching the property is made aware of your ‘presence’ at the property or so that delivery drivers can leave the parcel in a safe place when they inevitably visit while you’re out.

Each system is different and there are a range of different options depending on your budget and how secure you want to make your smart home. To find out more about our range of smart security or to buy a Canary home security system visit BT Shop today.

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