Meet the Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant

How many times have you found yourself in the kitchen needing a little hand on what to do next? Wouldn’t it be easy if you could just ask Google to show you?

Add a Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant to your kitchen and you can! This is just one of many examples where this small addition to your home can make a big difference. From £159 at full price, the Lenovo Smart Display is available in 2 different sizes; 8” or 10” – whatever suits you best!

Control your smart home the right way

The ultimate goal of having a smart home is to make your home more efficient and offer a helping hand in your daily routine.

With a Lenovo Smart Display, you can control over 5,000 smart home products from one device; anything from home cameras or your thermostat, down to your kettle or TV!

Entertain the family with ease

Lenovo Smart Display

Keeping the family entertained can sometimes be a chore in itself, so why not make it easier on yourself? You can control a number of apps like Spotify or YouTube from your Display using the Google Assistant; meaning while you’re trying to get some housework done, you can occupy the little ones without breaking your stride.

Or if you’re just after some downtime for yourself, why not sit back and relax, and stream whichever box-set you’re currently binge-watching. With a high-definition screen and high-quality speaker, your Lenovo Smart Display can be your personal entertainment hub.

Any questions?

Anytime you’re in need of a little help, your Google Assistant is by your side. Just say “Hey Google…” and you’re on your way. Whether you need an idea of what TV show to choose for the kids, what local restaurant to book for date night; or whether you’re in for an active day out or a lazy day on the sofa by checking the morning weather forecast!

Keep in touch with family and friends

Without lifting a finger, video call your family and friends whenever you need to, even when you’ve got your hands full! It’s always the case that Mum calls when you’re putting the food in the oven, but it’s not a problem. Just let your Lenovo Smart Display do the work and answer the call hands-free.

And no need to worry about being left on video after your call, as you can cover the camera and mute the microphone so you know that your privacy’s secure.

Visit the Lenovo Smart Display store to learn more

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