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Whether you’re heading back to University for the second or perhaps final year of your course, or making the giant and exciting leap to Uni for the first time; going away to study can be daunting. Living in unfamiliar surroundings alongside people you may not have met, plus the huge task of the course itself and all new challenges.

Don’t get us wrong, University isn’t all doom and gloom and many complete their courses and describe this time as the best of their lives, setting them up for the big wide world of work and learning a whole host of new skills and making countless friends along the way.

With the first semester now on the horizon it’s time to start thinking about what you need to take with you, and while your mind may drift to the staples – pots, pans, bedding and DVDs for instance – it’s important that you don’t overlook the all-important tech that’ll see you through Uni life both on and off campus.

What tech do I need to take to University?

Our Best in Class student tech deals have been compiled not only to give you some amazing student deals and offers on the latest gadgets, but also to makes sure that you know exactly what you might need before moving in.

Many students arrive at their halls of residence with bags and boxes full of items to get them through the year, only to find that they have to venture out soon after because they’ve forgotten something glaringly obvious – and most of these are gadgets that’ll either help with the course (or at least your social life!)

To make sure you’re fully prepared for all that Uni life has to throw at you, here’s our own take on a University survival kit containing just a selection of our Best in Class student deals:

HP Stream Intel Celeron N3060 Student Laptop

A laptop is an absolute essential for any student. Helping you to work either on or off campus to get ahead of schedule, to go and socialise in the evening, or to take notes during your lectures, a high quality student laptop will soon become one of your most valuable friends during the course.

The HP Stream Intel Celeron N3060 is one of the most stylish student laptops around today and offers high-performance and security, along with the latest innovations to help you produce only your very best work. The 14-inch display, 4GB RAM and super-fast Intel Celeron processor – combined with the latest Windows 10 operating system – will make you more productive than ever before.

That’s not all, either. The high definition display with 1 million megapixels means that you can stream and watch the latest TV and films with incredible picture quality during your well-earned downtime.

Samsung 250GB 860 EVO Series SSD

The Samsung 250GB 860 EVO Series SSD is an internal hard drive that’ll upgrade your existing storage to make sure that you can keep all of your coursework, photos, videos and more on your machine whenever you need it. If you’re the kind of person who’s always losing a USB drive containing all your work, or if you prefer to keep multiple copies to prevent such incidents from happening, then upgrading your internal storage is essential.

Offering efficiency, reliability and high-quality performance; they don’t come much better than this industry-leading internal hard drive. Plus, with the Samsung name behind it, you know you’re investing in a high quality piece of kit.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E

If you don’t fancy carrying your laptop from your halls to the campus, then a tablet is the next best thing. Combining all of the features and benefits of a laptop with the super lightweight construction and design we now associate with tablet PCs, the 9.6-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab E comes in a choice of colours and helps you take photos or record video footage, make notes and browse the web during lectures so that you never miss a thing.

Perhaps best of all, as part of our Best in Class student tech deals, we’re currently offering a free 64GB MicroSD card so you can save even more!

Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Of course, no student is complete without a smartphone and they don’t come much better than the super-sleek and super-stylish Samsung Galaxy S8. With a choice of different colours, pick out your favourite model and then utilise the fast Android operating system, infinity display and 64GB memory to keep all your photos, music and more anytime and anywhere.

Billed as one of the leading smartphones available today, the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone comes with a two-year warranty, plus one of the best batteries in the industry giving you more freedom to use it however you like, whenever you like.

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Smart Speaker

One of the newest pieces of tech but fast becoming one of the most popular, the Amazon Echo smart speaker is changing the way we don’t just listen to music, but browse the web too. With a fast and seamless connection to the Internet and the Alexa virtual assistant, the Amazon Echo 2nd generation smart speaker lets you listen to your favourite music while in your room and find answers to your coursework queries from the same device.

For more student tech deals that will help you to get through the upcoming academic year, head over to the BT Shop Best in Class student tech deals page now.


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