Raise the Alarm for Home Security Month 2018

It’s great being a homeowner. Not only do you have a place that you can genuinely call your own, but you can come and go as you please without having to worry about landlords. You can watch what you like on TV, decorate the rooms your way and become the King or Queen of your own castle; but many of us overlook one very, very important factor… security.

Okay, you go to bed at night and lock all the doors and ensure that the windows are closed but that’s often as secure as our homes get meaning that burglars have very little standing in their way if they want to take a look around your property or, worse, break in.

In order to help you to improve your home security, National Home Security Month, sponsored by Yale, has been devised to raise awareness of the importance of securing your homes and here at BT Shop we want to help you to turn your castle into a fortress!

What is National Home Security Month, and when is it?

Running throughout the month of October, National Home Security Month 2018 seeks to raise awareness around the importance of home security so that you can protect your family, belongings, and home against theft.

As more and more of us invest in the latest technologies we inadvertently make our homes more appealing to burglars and opportunist thieves; partly because we forget to upgrade our home security.

How can I improve my home security?

Smart home security has come a long way in a short space of time and is now one of the most effective ways of securing your property, and its contents. With everything from smart CCTV cameras and motion sensors to smart alarms available, homeowners can quickly and easily install a range of smart security systems and devices and monitor any activity from anywhere in the world through a Wi-Fi connection on their smartphones and tablets.

Smart CCTV cameras such as this Hive View camera and our own BT Smart Home Cam offer homeowners the ability to stream high definition footage – even in night vision – from in and around their homes straight to their smartphones or tablets while at work, on holiday or because they’ve been alerted to movement by their motion sensors.

Any detection is pushed straight to your phone or tablet via a push notification, similar to a text message or social media alert, enabling you to react however you wish – engaging with the person or contacting the police.

Other devices including the Ring floodlight camera, a motion-activated HD security camera with built-in floodlights, siren alarm and two-way communication; and the Nest Hello video doorbell which enables you to see and speak with the person on your doorstep without even being home allow you to alert potential intruders to the fact that you can see them – even if you’re hundreds of miles away!

Here are some more top tips for improving your home security with more information available here:

  • Gravel driveways ensure that anyone approaching the property cannot do so without making a noise
  • Use smart security lights to deter thieves while you’re out, coming on at dusk to give the impression that someone is home
  • Video doorbells enable you to see who is at the door before you let them in
  • Ensure that valuables, such as televisions, cannot be seen from the street
  • Be very careful when “checking in” on social media as this can alert thieves to the fact that you’re away

For more information on the increasing range of smart home security systems and devices available, head over to BT Shop today to read our product reviews and specification.

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