Review: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

 The Surface Pro 4 is considered to be a long-term investment due to its meticulous design and innovative technology.


Benefits at a glance:
  • Exceptional performance from the latest Intel Core M/i5/i7 processors
  • 30% faster than Surface Pro 3, 60% faster than MacBook
  • Runs Windows and other software you can rely on
  • Advanced technology with Surface Pen
  • More power, larger screen for an excellent viewing experience
  • Next generation user credentials, including Windows Hello

The Surface Pro 4 is thinner, lighter, and more versatile than notebooks, with instant power-on, and touch and pen functionality. Surface Pro 4 is designed for easy mobility on-the-go. It’s easy to switch from a handheld tablet to laptop mode in a matter of seconds; perfect for when you want to be more productive. The tablet stand comes in handy when using the device as a laptop, or for perfect viewing when using the device as a tablet.


The Surface 4 Pro is super thin and light weighing 800g, and at just 8.45mm thick, it’s thinner than the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 4 screen is high res. (2736 x 1824), with a 12.3” display and 3:2 aspect ratio, ideal for watching films in HD, browsing the web, and using your favourite apps. The large 12” screen, Dolby speakers, and extra processing power of the device offers enhanced productivity and an improved viewing experience, all in one device.


The 8MP autofocus rear & 5MP front cameras are perfect for taking photos and recording videos; both cameras record video in 1080p, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Surface Pro 4 is the perfect device for storing large HD files, with up to 16GB RAM. Other features include the privacy lights located on the right side of both cameras, and the infrared (IR) face-detection camera located on the front. With the IR camera you can log into Windows Hello and sign in to Windows without writing a password.

Surface Pro 4 has both a front and back microphone. You can use the front microphone for calls and recordings; its noise-cancelling feature is optimized for use with Skype and Cortana.


The Surface Pro 4 runs Windows & Microsoft Office, ensuring the device is manageable and secure, just like any other Windows PC. Surface Pro 4 runs on Windows 10, desktop software, and universal apps.

Windows 10 O/S provides new features and many options for usability from wherever you are; at home, or travelling; which is really helpful for productivity on the move. Windows 10 is equipped with built-in security and management tools trusted by millions of users, and entertainment tools to keep you occupied. Also, Surface Pro 4 supports multiple user accounts, and it’s easy to get things done quicker by joining a domain.


Type like a pro with the precision mechanism for faster, quieter typing. Surface Pro 4 keys are traditionally-spaced for faster typing and an overall more enjoyable typing experience. The Surface Pro 4 type cover is the thinnest surface type cover ever, and the track pad is 40% larger than other Surfaces. Fingerprint reader authentication is also available, perfect for safeguarding your personal data.


The ground-breaking Surface Pen, with 1024 levels of pressure, has best-in-class latency, parallax, and palm rejection for ultimate comfort. Click the pen to OneNote, where you can handwrite notes and turn them into shareable text with just the touch of a button. Also, click and hold for Cortana in Windows “your own personal assistant”. The eraser button on the end of the Surface Pen really erases text and, for ultimate productivity and efficiency, the Surface Pen is magnetic and sticks to side of your Surface device.

Versatile docking

You can dock your Surface with one connection and use the device in any position while docked.

  • 2x DisplayPort
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 4USB 3.0 connection for fast connection
  • 3.5mm audio
  • Compatible with Surface Pro 3 & 4

Surface Pro 4 also supports standard Wi-Fi protocols (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth® 4.0. Connect to a wireless network and use Bluetooth devices like mice, printers, and headsets.


Surface Pro 4

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