Review: ViewSonic VX2475Smhl-4K 23.6″ HDMI 4K LED Monitor

This monitor delivers great contrast for an LCD and creates a wonderfully crisp Ultra HD image perfect for casual gaming, editing photos and producing artwork.

For me, the monitor is great although it could be improved aesthetically. First of all, there is too much gloss around the bevel, something I always try to avoid when buying a monitor as I find it to be distracting when gaming and it’s hard to keep clean. Secondly, the base isn’t adjustable, however, it can be removed for bracket monitor. And finally, it’s also relatively large considering the size of the monitor. These are all very trivial in comparison to the image quality and overall performance of this monitor.scenario

This monitor features dual integrated stereo speakers which at first feel very quiet as by default they are set up to 50% volume but once you jump into the on monitor settings you can switch this up. The audio is a bit flat and lifeless but most gamers won’t be bothered by this as they’ll likely use headphones and if you’re buying this to watch video I’d recommend some sort of external speakers so you can the audio you deserve to suit the image quality beyond what you expected.

Although it’s becoming increasingly standard across all monitors it’s still important to note that this monitor has blue light filter settings allowing you to adjust the amount emitted and help increase eye comfort for both work and multimedia applications.

Response time is one of the most important specs you’ll want to note when buying a monitor for gaming of any sort, the lower the better and at 2ms this ViewSonic monitor will deliver blazing-fast response times.

Overall a solid 4K monitor that will not dissapoint. Check it out here.

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