Say Hello to the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Nest Hello is the doorbell of the future, today; enabling you to answer the door and even speak to your visitor without even being inside the property.

Hearing the doorbell when you’re busy preparing dinner, in the bath or seeing to the children can be incredibly frustrating (even if it’s someone you like!) There’s also nothing worse than having to go out and arriving home to find the dreaded “sorry we missed you” card.

With this futuristic, practical and high definition video doorbell fitted, however, you can answer the door from your smartphone or tablet and even see who is – or has been – there.

What is a video doorbell?


A video doorbell works just like your existing traditional doorbell, only it has a number of smart capabilities built into it. Rather than just playing a simple chime when someone presses the button, you have the ability to see the person standing on the doorstep through your smartphone or tablet; and you can even have a conversation with them through the built-in microphone.

This means that the next time you’re in the kitchen or upstairs trying to put the children to bed, you can just reach for your smartphone and answer the door to tell the annoying sales person to go away or instruct the courier that they can leave the parcel you’ve waited all day for on the step.

The system works through a Wi-Fi connection and is capable of providing streaming whenever and wherever you want it to give you that peace of mind. Smart home security is growing in popularity and video doorbells are at the heart of this along with CCTV cameras, floodlights and other monitoring systems.

How does the Nest Hello differ from the Ring video doorbell?


In the case of both the Ring and Nest Hello video doorbells you can activate the cameras without anyone ringing the device, but the Nest Hello enables you to look right down to the ground to see if your parcel has been delivered and left.

In comparison the video doorbell from Ring still allows you to view footage on-demand, but provides a wide-angle 1080p HD video that allows you to monitor people on or around your property who shouldn’t be there.

From a styling sense the two doorbells are very similar. They’re both sleek and stylish, as you might expect from modern smart home devices, and are compatible with a range of different smartphones and tablets through the associated apps.

Nest Hello is also fully compatible with Google Home and the virtual Google Assistant, enabling you to talk to and hear from your visitor through your smart speaker.

What other Nest smart home devices are available?


In addition to the Hello video doorbell, Nest have released a number of different smart home devices and systems that have already attracted significant interest from around the world.

Nest smart heating, lighting and security systems are highly advanced pieces of equipment that all ‘talk’ to each other and connect via a Wi-Fi signal to and from the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can receive notifications when motion is detected by one of the home CCTV cameras or connect to your video doorbell, even set the temperature so that it’s just right when you get home from work on a cold day.

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