Secure your home to the max with Somfy Protect

You shouldn’t have to stress about the security of your home whenever you decide to leave the house, which is why it’s great to have a high-tech system to give you peace of mind – without you having to lift a finger.

Somfy protects your home with its hyper-intelligent security system. Choose between smart alarm system, genius security camera or the all-in-one alarm system.

Whether you’re sunning yourself abroad or have just popped down to your local shop, Somfy has your home protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you’re not around.

Who are Somfy?


The Somfy plug and play home security system offers you the perfect mix of safety and comfort (hence the brand name), so you can concentrate on the fun things in life.

However, this is no ordinary security system. The range of Somfy products are incredibly intelligent and once they’re plugged in and installed in a strategic location, they take care of all your security needs for you. With smart features such as full HD video camera, built-in motion detector, active privacy shutter and even back-up battery in case of power failures, you’ll never miss a trick.

Say the Somfy Camera or Somfy One detects movement in your house (not just your pet cat chasing a fly) and the alarm is set off, you’ll get a push message on your smartphone to let you know – you can even view the images live and rewind by 10 seconds to ensure that nothing escapes you.

Smart home security is a world away from the old-style house alarms that would go off when a gust of wind blew in through an open window. It’s ultimate protection around the clock so you can rest easy at night.

How does Somfy Protect differ from other home security systems?


The Somfy One and Somfy Indoor Security Camera allow you to have some “me-time,” as advanced privacy shutters close the moment you enter a room. Put your feet up after a long day (or practice your dance moves in the front room) with the freedom you deserve.

Somfy understands how important the furry friends are in our homes, so they’ve got you and your pets covered. The smart technology behind the range ensures that the alarm will not be activated if your pet decides to roam around your house.

The Somfy range has been designed with your home in mind. The sleek yet simple design effortlessly blends into your interiors, and looks chic no matter what your personal style. These super-smart devices are also compatible with your smartphone or tablet through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can have access on the go.

 What Somfy devices are available?

The Somfy One


The Somfy One really is an all-in-one security system with intelligent technology to protect your home from top to bottom.

Install it in a prime location of your choosing, activate using the Somfy Protect app on your smartphone and hey presto, the system is all ready to go within 10 minutes – plug and play at its finest!

The full HD video camera is combined with siren, motion detector and privacy protection to give you and your belongings all-round safeguarding. This futuristic system is also easy to expand with other smart accessories such as a window or door sensor.

The Somfy Home Alarm


With the Somfy Home Alarm pack, you are warned before the intruder has even broken in. The IntelliTAG technology includes smart door and window sensors that react immediately to unexpected temperature differences, so that you can feel in control. If any movement is detected, no worries – you’ll get a notification and a loud siren will go off to warn intruders.

This intelligent system even knows when you’re standing in front of the door, so automatically switches the alarm off. You also get two special key fobs to easily turn the alarm on and off.

The Somfy Home Alarm’s security can be further enhanced with the addition of cameras and sensors, so you’ll have 360-degree coverage.

The Somfy Indoor Security Camera


The Somfy Indoor Security Camera is the ultimate protection for your home. The HD video camera ensures only pin-sharp images are provided so you never miss a thing.

This advanced system records everything as soon as any movement is detected and stores footage in the cloud for easy access by you. When you’ve set up your smartphone with the handy app, you can watch images live too – and even rewind by 10 seconds.

What if there’s a power failure? No problem. The camera has a four-hour back-up battery so you can have peace of mind all the time.

Browse the full range of Somfy smart devices and systems, plus our full smart home security range, at BT Shop today.

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