Should I Upgrade to a 4K TV Before the World Cup?

With such an exciting summer of sport ahead of us in 2018 there’s no better time to start thinking about how and where you’re going to watch it all. While you might not have tickets to watch England out in Russia, and you might not be able to get a seat on centre court or pit lane passes at Silverstone; 4K television presents the perfect way to feel like you’re there.

Okay, so watching the action unfold on a television isn’t quite the same as being there, you can turn your living room into the stadium of your dreams and be part of the crowd with BT Shop and our home entertainment deals running throughout the summer.

These match-winning offers feature the latest range of must-have 4K Ultra HD TVs from leading brands and even include a collection of soundbars and smart home entertainment systems designed to make you feel like you’re sat in the stadium, walking down pit lane or on “Murray Mound” watching.

What is a 4K TV?

The term 4K refers to the number of pixels being displayed on a television, and is in fact an abbreviation. Put simply, a 4K TV offers viewers a resolution of 4,000 pixels which is by far the clearest picture quality available today.

It is also often described, in the case of a 4K Ultra HD TV, as offering viewers four-times the number of pixels and, therefore, the quality of a full HD TV which are the models currently in the majority of homes around the UK.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a number of new televisions released including Smart TVs, curved TVs and even 3D TVs; but it is the evolution of 4K Ultra HD TVs that is most exciting and all of the major brands in the industry are striving to develop new models as a result.

Can I watch the World Cup in 4K?


Unfortunately, no, the 2018 World Cup will not be shown in 4K resolution. Before you stop reading and revert back to watching this summer’s sporting action on your current HD television, it’s worth considering that investing in a 4K Ultra HD television now is actually an investment for the future.

In the years to come full HD televisions will become a thing of the past and 4K televisions will take their place. That means that competition is likely to ramp up and so, potentially, may the prices as manufacturers try to pack more and more tech into their televisions.

So while you can’t watch the World Cup in full 4K Ultra HD clarity, you’ll be ready and prepared ahead of the next tournament.

What are the best 4K TV deals at the moment?

Fully immerse yourself in all of this summer’s sporting action with some of the best 4K TV deals available now at BT Shop, including:

  • LG UJ630V 43” 4K Ultra HD TV. Our best priced 4K Ultra HD TV, you can achieve a vibrant and vivid picture from any angle with one of the most popular LG 4K TVs on sale today. With Smart TV capabilities you can connect to the Internet to stream shows or browse the web at half time.
  • Samsung 40” MU6120 4K Ultra HD TV. With its high impressive colours, this Samsung 4K TV even optimises the colour and sharpness to provide you with the perfect viewing experience. The ideal television to add to your smart home it also offers Dolby Atmos sound and is compatible with a number of soundbars and home entertainment systems.
  • Hisense N5700 43” 4K Ultra HD TV. As an official sponsor of the World Cup, Hisense have produced one of the very best 4K TVs available today. Not only does the Hisense 43-inch 4K TV offer impeccable picture quality, it also offers built-in soundbar quality audio.
  • Sony Bravia 49” 4K Ultra HD TV. Last but by no means least, this Sony 4K TV offers high definition resolution, cable-free styling and even comes recommended by Netflix. With its smart TV capabilities you can also access Android TV between games.

To find out more about our range of 4K televisions or to see the deals in our Be Part of the Crowd promotion this summer, head over to  BT Shop online store today.


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