Smart Home Security Solutions

What homeowner wouldn’t want to increase the security in and around their home? Well with a smart home, you can do exactly that. Giving you greater control over your home’s functionality, smart home technology can help to significantly improve your home’s security. Keep reading to find out the smart ways in which you can secure your home today.

  • Intruder detection

Set up an alarm to sound in the event of an intruder entering your home – whether at night or during the day. This will not only alert you if you’re already in the house but will also serve as a warning to intruders that you are aware of their presence before they get the chance to take any of your belongings.

BT Smart Home Cam 100
BT Smart Home Cam 100,
  • Home CCTV

In addition to installing alarm alerts, setting up a CCTV recording system will allow you to view the comings and goings around your home. If you choose a system that syncs with an app, you’ll also be able to monitor your home remotely from your smartphone – which can prove invaluable as both a deterrent to burglars and proof that someone attempted to break in to your home.

  • Flood alarms

Forgotten to turn a tap off in the bathroom or kitchen? With a flood alarm, you’ll be alerted to the presence of excess water in your home as soon as it happens – enabling you to sort it before it becomes a major problem. This not only saves you money on potential repair work but also gives you peace of mind during your hectic day-to-day schedule.

  • Fire protection technology

Fire not only destroys homes and belongings, it’s also an expensive disaster to recover from. So prevent the occurrence of fires in your home with a fire protection technology system. This can include anything from automated sprinkler systems to alarms and alerts when there is too much smoke present in your house.

  • Smart locks

A smart lock not only allows you to lock and unlock the door to your home from anywhere in the world – it also lets you monitor who is coming and going and how often. This virtual key system can be controlled remotely via your smartphone, which is handy if you can’t remember whether or not you locked the door when you left the house. You can turn on an automatic door locking function at certain times of night to help you rest peacefully as well as assign temporary access codes to the likes of builders or tradespeople who may need to work on your home – a safer alternative to providing them with a key that will expire after the work is done.

Devolo Home Control Starter Pack
Devolo Home Control Starter Pack,
  • Automated lighting

Make it look like someone’s in at home even when you’re on the other side of the world with smart home lighting. You’ll have control over the lighting from your smartphone, which means you can set a time to turn the lights on and off every day – helping to deter burglars while you’re away from home.

  • Automatic opening/ closing of curtains

In addition to smart lighting, having the ability to open and close your curtains while you’re away from home can also help to reduce the risk of burglary. Close your curtains remotely as soon as it starts to go dark and turn on your lights, giving the impression that someone’s at home – even if you couldn’t be further away.

So there you have it – with so many solutions available, improving home security just got easier. Browse the full range of smart products available at BT Shop today.

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