Still undecided on 4K Ultra HD? Here’s what you’re missing

Over the past decade or so you’ve probably bought a number of different televisions. First the flatscreen came along and replaced the large, clunky models that used to occupy half of the living room, and then came high definition – HD – that had its incredible clarity.

Next there was 3D TV which has been a revolution in terms of the way we watch television, sport and movies at home, followed by curved TVs and now there’s another option for you to consider, 4K Ultra HD TV.

Like many of the ‘updates’ in the television market, 4K Ultra HD televisions have been designed to be clearer than any model that preceded it. The question is, just what makes a 4K Ultra HD TV any different to the other models available?

How does a 4K Ultra HD TV differ?

In the modern era people are more interested in staying connected with friends and up-to-date with their favourite shows and the latest football matches on their various mobile devices than ever before. While there have been undoubted advancements in mobile TV platforms with offerings from the likes of Sky, the BBC and Netflix, sitting down in front of the television is still something we crave after a long day.

Whether you watch a couple of hours of telly a week or you watch certain shows religiously in real-time or perhaps on catch-up TV, it’s vital that those few hours are spent staring at a high quality picture with crystal-clear sound for a brilliant all-round performance.

Essentially, a 4K Ultra HD television packs in four-times the number of pixels of a “standard” Full HD 1080p screen – a grand total of 8,294,400 pixels to be exact. This means that you’re actually far better off buying yourself a larger 4K model to feel the full benefit.

A 50” 4K Ultra HD TV is a great size to look for, but a 42” TV is really the bare minimum that you should be looking for to ensure that you maximise the potential picture quality, otherwise you tend to find that the colours get a little blurred together – a bit like looking at a painting through a magnifying glass.

The likes of Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and LG have all invested heavily in their 4K Ultra HD range of televisions in an attempt to not only get a share of the new market, but to capture it. Each of these major brands has produced a number of options for customers in terms of both size and styling, enabling you to pick the one that appeals to you in terms of the way it will look in your front room as well as the size of the picture you’ll be looking at.

What are the key benefits of a 4K Ultra HD television?

So if you’re thinking about an upgrade, why buy a 4K Ultra HD TV especially if you already have a perfectly good HD ready set? Just what is it that makes this new breed stand out?

Well, the first major benefit of a 4K Ultra HD TV is that you no longer have to shell out thousands of pounds for a brand new model. The days of top brands putting huge price tags on the latest technology – fortunately – seem to be a thing of the past, and now you can pick up top models like the Samsung UE55KU6020KXXU 55″ LED UHD 4K TV for under £600.

Samsung UE55KU6020KXXU 55" LED UHD 4K TV
Samsung UE55KU6020KXXU 55″ LED UHD 4K TV –

The other main plus side to buying a 4K Ultra HD television at the moment is that a lot of new shows, movies and sporting coverage is being produced in HD so you’ll be set and ready for the next breed of 4K shows when they hit our screens in the very near future. In the meantime you can learn to love the expanding range of 4K HD programmes available.

Finally, it’s a far better option in terms of an upgrade than many of the 3D TVs that have been released, only to flop. There was a great deal of hope and expectation surrounding the range of 3D-ready televisions that hit stores after the success of 3D movies, but many simply haven’t been able to live up to the hype. 4K TVs, in comparison, have reached and surpassed many expectations to become the new must-have style of viewing.

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