Tech Essentials for a City Break

City breaks provide an incredible opportunity to experience new cultures, new surroundings and all kinds of new sights. While many people’s idea of a holiday is relaxing by the pool or enjoy a walk along a sun-kissed beach, others enjoy discovering new cities and gaining first-hand experience of how people live in other cities around the world. To really appreciate these cities it’s best to get out on foot to discover all of the hidden gems, the top-rated restaurants and the most popular tourist areas. In the modern age it’s natural to also want to capture the special moments and share them with our (incredibly jealous) friends and family and to do that you need the very latest tech.

Essential tech for a city break

While there are some incredible gadgets on the market today, many of which are available as part of our ongoing summer offers, some aren’t quite right for lugging around while exploring.

This means you need to think logically about exactly what you need to take on a city break to capture the special moments, to find the secret locations and discover what’s so great about your chosen city.

In order to help you, we’ve compiled a list of some tech essentials for a city break so you can start packing!

Discover hidden gems with the latest iPad Wi-Fi 32GB


Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB – Silver

With the latest iPad you can connect to the Internet and navigate your way around the city in search of tourist hotspots, hidden gems and top-rated venues. From delicious local cuisine to secret side streets filled with quiet but wonderful bars and the city’s most popular venues; you’ll be able to use the Maps and Internet to locate them all. You can even use the built-in camera to capture all of the special moments – and all from one lightweight, sleek and stylish iPad tucked away neatly inside your rucksack.

Keep devices fully charged with a Veho PEBBLE Explorer Portable Charger

Veho PEBBLE™ Verto Portable Charger

The last thing you want when exploring a new and unknown city is for your battery to die. A Veho PEBBLE Explorer Portable Charger will enable you to keep all your devices fully charged for as long as possible, giving you a much needed boost during the day as and when required. Simply plug in your camera, phone or tablet and you’ll have that extra charge you need to find your next destination, the nearest public transport or your way back to the hotel.

Count your steps with the Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch

Fitbit Ionic Smart Fitness Watch – Charcoal / Smoke Grey

If you’ve been taking your health and fitness seriously in recent times then you can keep track of just how many steps you take during your city break with one of the latest smart fitness watches – the Fitbit Ionic. The latest adaptation of this popular and stylish smart watch, the Ionic has built-in GPS and will count everything from steps taken to calories burned and your heart rate; as well as telling the time, of course!

Keep an eye on things back home with smart home security


Hive View Camera – Black/Brushed Copper

If you’re the kind of person who worries about being broken into while you’re away on holiday and you’ve got nobody popping round to keep an eye on things for you then why not do it yourself with the latest smart home security systems.

Brands such as Hive have created incredibly smart systems including indoor CCTV cameras to capture any signs of movement, while the Hive app delivers a notification to your phone informing you of any unusual activity.

You can also switch on lights for a limited period to give the impression that someone is home, and access the camera footage anytime you like through the app on your smartphone or tablet to give you the peace of mind you need to relax and enjoy your city break.

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