The Importance of DashCams in Modern Motoring

New gadgets and forms of technology are always exciting, but when it comes to motoring it’s also important that any innovation is practical too. We’ve seen the development of hands-free kits and satellite navigation in recent years, and now dashcams are becoming the new must-have device for everyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Dashcams have been designed to sit on a dashboard to record footage as you drive along, and while that might sound great for watching your holiday video back – especially if you’ve driven down the coast with the roof down and your sunglasses on – they also have a number of practical benefits that help everyone from professional drivers to those who drive short distances to work or on the school run.

There are those who are strongly against the use of gadgets and technology within vehicles, feeling that they distract drivers, but dashcams are simply switched on and off at the start and end of a journey. Here we’ll take a more in-depth look at how they work and the various benefits to help everyone to understand the importance of dashcams in modern motoring.

How does a dashcam work?

A dashcam, like many other forms of new technology, is a small device that can be positioned anywhere within your vehicle. From a small family car right up to a commercial HGV, dashcams can be mounted inside the vehicle and pointed at the road ahead to record the all-important footage.

Prestigio RoadRunner 565GPS HD DashCam for Car, Van and Taxi with GPS / Lane Departure
Prestigio RoadRunner 565GPS HD DashCam for Car, Van and Taxi with GPS / Lane Departure –

Once mounted on the dash, or the windscreen in the case of the Prestigio Road Runner 565 GPS HD dashcam, the camera is switched on at the tap of a button at the start of the journey and can be left to record the road ahead for the duration of the trip. For some this may be a short drive into town, for others it may be a long-distance journey for work or it may even be a drive down a beautiful coastal road on the Italian Riviera.

It can then be watched back on a laptop, desktop PC or even a television screen depending on the media type and video input of your chosen device.

How you choose to use the footage is up to you, and even your employers in the case of commercial driving. There are many haulage and courier companies who install dashboard cameras into their fleets, enabling the management team to track where their drivers are and – in some cases – to use telemetry data to track driver performance, such as the harshness of their breaking and their fuel efficiency.

Why should I buy a dashcam?

This telemetry data can then be used and adapted for individual training sessions for drivers, helping them to improve their performance behind the wheel and to save money for the company. On that note, there is another way that the visual footage can be used by both professional and amateur drivers alike to save money.

Over the years there have been countless drivers who have been the victims of false insurance claims out on the roads. With no evidence to defend themselves, and the other driver involved perhaps able to afford better legal representation to somehow turn the blame, innocent drivers – predominantly, but not exclusively, those who drive professionally – have been forced to pay out large sums and lose their no claims bonuses.

Today, however, insurance companies and the police are able to use dashcam footage as evidence and this can prove one driver’s innocence and that another driver was at fault, thereby saving the innocent driver the risk of being on the wrong end of a false claim.

If you’ve been the victim of this kind of thing in the past, then the investment in a dashcam is a must for you. If it’s an issue that you’re concerned about, or perhaps you drive in cities a lot and witness a lot of dangerous driving and want to cover your back just in case one of these drivers decides to make a dangerous move when you’re around, then again this may be the solution you’re looking for.

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