Turn Your Home into a Smart Home with BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

In order to turn your home into a fully-functioning smart home where all of your devices connect together to form an efficient and automated system, you need to have strong foundations in place and this comes in the form of your Internet connection.

With Wi-Fi connectivity proving to be more important in our daily lives than ever before, a fast and reliable connection around the whole property is vital if your smart home devices are to “talk” to each other how they should; and they don’t come any better than BT Whole Home Wi-Fi.

What is Whole Home Wi-Fi?


Whole Home Wi-Fi has been designed for properties of all shapes and sizes and seeks to cut out the frustrating drop-outs or dead zones around the home where the Internet signal just can’t reach.

With BT Whole Home Wi-Fi installed you don’t have to worry about the film you’re streaming buffering every ten seconds, the connection for the game you’re playing with friends dropping out at crucial moments or being unable to work from certain rooms in your home when you’ve got tight deadlines.

Similarly to how different rooms have different mobile phone signal strengths; some properties experience issues where the Wi-Fi connection doesn’t work as well or, in some cases, at all.

The aim of Whole Home Wi-Fi is – as the name suggests – to deliver a super-fast, seamless connection throughout the property through a number of discs strategically located around your home.

Why is Whole Home Wi-Fi important in my smart home?


Smart homes rely on a strong Internet connection in order for each of the devices to operate to their full potential. Whether it’s a property-wide smart lighting or heating system or an individual device like a smart speaker, they all rely on seamless and reliable Wi-Fi connection in order to receive and act upon commands.

Similarly, the apps that you use on your smartphone or tablet require an Internet connection to work. When you leave the office you might go to the Hive app on your phone and set the heating to come on in 20 minutes and the lights to come on in the hallway so that you get home to a warm and lit property.

None of this would be possible with a high quality Internet connection and Whole Home Wi-Fi provides the perfect platform to make this happen. The removal of any dead spots in the home ensures that the smart light bulbs you want to switch on are on, and that the smart security cameras or video doorbell that you set up outside the front door are operational and capable of transmitting the footage to your phone or tablet.

Do I need BT broadband for Whole Home Wi-Fi?

No. You don’t need to have BT broadband in order to bring whole home Wi-Fi into your property as the system isn’t a router, it’s a network of devices that carry the Internet signal. This means that you can remain with your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) if you wish or you can switch to BT broadband – the choice is yours.

Is Whole Home Wi-Fi different from the BT Smart Hub?

Yes, although the two systems can work together. The BT smart hub is a powerful, fast and reliable router that brings BT broadband into your home. The signal can then be delivered all around your property via the Whole home Wi-Fi mesh network.

This means that you can have super-fast broadband all over your home, helping you to interact with each of your smart devices seamlessly. You can ask your Amazon Echo smart speaker to play your favourite playlist in your bedroom while someone else can control the heating or lights in a different room; and all without compromising on the quality and strength of the Internet signal.

What is a mesh Wi-Fi network?


A mesh network is a combination of different devices that all “talk” to each other, helping to share the Internet connection around the property to where it’s needed, when it’s needed. BT whole home Wi-Fi consists of a number of individual discs located around the home that help to share the Internet signal and eradicate the dead spots where the Internet signal may not reach normally.

Depending on the size of the property you may have a different number of discs in the home. A typical rule of thumb is that the mesh network in an average three to five-bedroom home would have three discs. This would drop to two discs for a one or two-bedroom property or increase to four in a larger home.

To learn more about whole home Wi-Fi, the smart hub or any of our BT products, visit BT Shop today.


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