Upgrade Your Home Entertainment System: The Best TV Brackets, Cables and Accessories

This summer is set to be one of the biggest and best from a sporting perspective so now is the perfect time to be upgrading your home entertainment system. With the World Cup, Wimbledon, Test cricket, Formula One, The Open golf and much more ahead of us you really don’t want to miss a second of the action – and you’ll want to catch it all with the latest and greatest tech to help you feel like you’re a part of the crowd.

Whether you’re upgrading your TV or switching to a more modern and advanced home theatre complete with smart lighting, Bluetooth soundbars and wireless speakers; BT Shop are here to help you to find the perfect match to achieve the very best setup.

Why should I upgrade my current TV and home entertainment system now?



Nothing can replicate the atmosphere of a huge sporting event like the World Cup, but if you’re not going out to Russia this summer then there are a number of reasons why upgrading your television and current home entertainment system now makes a lot of sense.

Firstly, our Be Part of the Crowd promotion gives you the chance to invest in tomorrow’s technology, today, and at a great price too. These great tech offers won’t last forever, so if you don’t want to pay full price for a brand new Hisense 4K UltraHD smart TV then now is the time to invest in the official TV of the 2018 World Cup.

Speaking of investments, with technology evolving all the time it makes a lot of sense to upgrade to the latest models and versions now before the competition heats up. A lot of smart home systems, for example, are growing in popularity and this is because the sector is still relatively new. In twelve months’ time there may well be more devices and systems to choose from; but there may be more to pay, too.

How do I choose the best soundbar for my TV?


With a lot of different makes and models on the market, choosing a soundbar that performs at the optimum level can be difficult but there is one sure-fire way of ensuring that you get the best sound; and that is to buy from the same manufacturer as your television.

A lot of manufacturers develop their televisions and peripherals, such as soundbars, to work together and that means that the best possible sound and picture combination comes by joining the two together. So if you’re thinking of buying a Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV in time for the World Cup, you should also be considering a Samsung soundbar.

How easy is it to put a TV wall bracket on the wall?


Mounting a television on a wall can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re not a dab-hand at DIY. It’s not so much the manual labouring aspect of the job that makes it a scary proposition, it’s the thought of your expensive now television falling off the wall!

Before you even start mounting your TV you should manually hold it on the wall and get someone to check the glare – you certainly don’t want to go drilling into a wall only to find that you can’t see it.

Next you should ensure that you’re mounting to a solid wall. It goes without saying that a partition wall is probably not the sturdiest of mounting positions!

Once you’ve done all the pre-planning it’s time to consider your TV wall mount. These TV brackets come in a range of styles from swinging to flat so you can choose whichever suits you and your room best.

Many televisions and TV brackets come with compatible screw holes enabling you line everything up beforehand. These dimensions are often referred to as VESA standards (Video Electronics Standards Association) and can be found in your manual so you can order the correct one.

TV brackets tend to come in two parts – one that fixes to the television and one that fixes to the wall. Turn your TV (carefully) so that it is screen-down and fix the TV mount to the television.

Next, mark where the screws will go on the wall. For the optimum viewing height the centre of your television should be 42 inches off the ground. Use a spirit level to help you to get everything straight and then mark the wall with a pencil before drilling your holes.

Once you’ve got your guides in place you can fix the wall mount to the wall, attaching it with the screws. The last job before mounting the TV is to connect all of your cables (HDMI, AV and scarts), as this is much easier to do when the television is NOT on the wall, trust us!

What other TV accessories do I need to upgrade my home entertainment system?


Once you’ve got your shiny new 4K Ultra HD television and you’ve got your great new soundbar ready to go; you should ensure that you’ve got all of the vital accessories. Home entertainment systems don’t just consist of TVs and speakers; there are a whole host of other systems and devices involved – plus a wealth of cables, too.

While your speakers might work via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, your main soundbar will still need to be connected to the television. To do this you need an AV cable – audio visual – which delivers the sound from your TV to your speakers.

HDMI cables are among the most common and connect set-top boxes such as a Freeview box or Sky, games consoles and DVD players to your television. Without this cable you won’t be able to watch in high definition.

To find out about more of the great home entertainment offers available ahead of the big kick off this summer, visit BT Shop now.


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