What is a Smart Meter and How Does it Work?

Smart technologies are being installed in homes all over the world now and whether you’re having the technology fitted to a new-build property or fitting it yourself you’ve probably heard of a device called a smart meter. These are key components in any smart home setup and are the main point for controlling smart homes as a whole and the various individual components.

With a smart meter you can monitor exactly how much power is being used in your new smart home and you can switch certain items on or off at any point – from any location – to ensure that you’re not wasting energy and racking up a sky high monthly energy bill.

The main purpose of a smart meter is to work in a similar way to typical household energy meters, only providing much more detailed information on how much power is being used at that time and even how much money it is costing. Homeowners then have the ability to switch certain appliances on or off in order to reduce their energy output and to reduce bills, something particularly beneficial for those who are struggling to control their monthly outgoings.

How does a smart meter work?

The device works by reading exactly how much energy you are currently using and displaying it in terms of pounds and pence for an accurate meter reading as opposed to a monthly estimate. If you then start to feel as though you’re using too much power and spending too much money then you can look for ways to control your energy usage.

It is connected up to your household power supply to monitor exactly how much power is being used at a certain point in time, just like the existing gas and electric meter that your energy providers come out and read.

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Each time you turn off an appliance or power source you should be able to see the digital display reducing the amount. This has been highly valuable to families struggling to reduce their monthly energy bills and when you can control all of the appliances in smart homes via a mobile app it’s even more staggering how much energy is being used and money wasted.

By using apps on smartphones you can monitor your whole home and keep track of what is currently being used. If, for example, you see that a light has been left on in one of the children’s bedrooms or that a device is on standby rather than being switched off then you can tell the system to turn it off from wherever you are provided that you have an Internet connection.

Of course you can also use your smart home meter to control appliances and systems that you do want to turn on. If you’re out of the house for a few days, perhaps on a family holiday, then you can programme the lights to come on as and when it goes dark in order to deter thieves.

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