What’s New in Home Entertainment?

Each year people spend hundreds, even thousands of pounds in some cases, on the latest home entertainment systems. Rather than simply turning the volume up on their televisions or adjusting the contrast; they want the very best viewing conditions to enjoy their favourite movies or TV shows from the comfort of their own homes.

LG Electronics 55" 55UH750V 4K UHD Smart TV Web OS
LG Electronics 55″ 55UH750V 4K UHD Smart TV Web OS

The technology industry is constantly evolving and this means that there is a new gadget on the market on a weekly basis.

For tech lovers this is great because it means that they can get their hands on the very best gadgets available before their friends and family for the ultimate home entertainment system.

All of the big brands are constantly competing with each other to create the highest quality, most in-demand gadgets available, and this is great for consumers. In recent years we’ve seen the development of media players and streaming services such as Apple TV, and the very latest 4K Ultra HD TVs for supreme clarity.

What products are available?

The home entertainment range is expanding all the time, especially with the biggest brands all in competition to deliver the best quality gadgets. While some will be making rivals for the successful products already launched by their competitors, others are looking to get a foothold in the market and capitalise on the research and development they’ve invested in so highly.

This means that the likes of Samsung, Apple, Bose, HP and Microsoft are all delivering new and evolving home entertainment systems more frequently.

Here at BT Shop, our home entertainment range includes everything from digiboxes and recorders to home cinema projectors allowing you to watch the latest films on a fold-down screen or even on a white wall in your living room.

We’ve also got a high quality range of the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, media players and streaming devices and soundbars that bring you the high quality sound that can make or break your favourite shows or films.

How do the latest gadgets compare to standard or previous versions?

The main difference between the latest versions of each device is the quality, as you might expect. In terms of televisions, the picture clarity is getting closer and closer to the experience of watching something on the big screen at your local cinema.

4K Ultra HD TVs mean that you can get cinema-quality pictures at home, while the surround sound speakers mean that you get incredible audio clarity all over the room.

Wireless speakers are one of the most popular innovations in the last few years, enabling owners to place them around a room – or the home – to play music through a Bluetooth connection without a unsightly trail of cables. This is great for parties and celebrations, and you to control the music from one device wherever you might be.

D-Link DCH-M225/B mydlink Home Music Everywhere
D-Link DCH-M225/B mydlink Home Music Everywhere

To use an example, the D-Link Home Music Everywhere audio extender uses Wi-Fi to extend your existing wireless network in order to expand the reach of our chosen audio device and speakers.

This means that you don’t need a different device to listen to music at the other end of your garden because the signal won’t reach from the kitchen. At last!

There are also key differences in terms of storage and capabilities. Think back to the early editions of the iPod from Apple, where you could only store a couple of hundred tracks on the device. Today, the latest media players can store thousands of songs without affecting the playback.

The same is true with recorders and digi-boxes, where customers can now download and record complete box sets of their favourite shows without having to sacrifice other must-see shows in order to watch them at a later date.

HD versus 4K Ultra HD: what’s the difference?

Samsung 55" Smart Full HD Ready Curved TV
Samsung 55″ Smart Full HD Ready Curved TV

Although the devices themselves might be getting smaller – with the exception of the latest iPhones that are actually getting larger again model by model – they are getting more powerful, with even more features packed into a small design.

In essence, 4K Ultra HD is the most recent update on HD, with four-times the picture quality of a “standard” 1080p HD television.

As this article on 4K Ultra HD televisions explains in more detail, the 4K relates to the cinema-standard quality of the picture. This might sound very appealing indeed to film lovers who enjoy nothing more than sitting at home and watching the latest movies with a homemade bowl of popcorn, the curtains drawn and the lights switched off; but it is worth considering one thing before you rush out and buy a 4K Ultra HD television…

You need to have space for it! As mentioned previously, some devices are actually getting bigger and this is the case with 4K Ultra HD TVs. Here at BT Shop, our range starts around the 55-inch mark so you need to ensure that you have the space in your home for one before you rush out and bring this high-end piece of tech into your home!

What makes home entertainment systems so popular?

The main thing that makes home entertainment systems, such as those mentioned here, so popular is that people have an insatiable thirst for the latest gadgets and having the highest quality experiences whenever, wherever.

For decades the cinema has been the best place to watch films for the big screen experience, complete with incredible picture quality and sound clarity. Today, while the screen isn’t quite that big yet, customers can now buy flatscreen Ultra HD televisions complete with wireless soundbars and Blu-Ray players to watch what they like, when they like, in the highest quality – all from the comfort of their sofa.

The most popular purchases of 2016

During 2016 it’s safe to say that the 4K Ultra HD televisions have been among the most popular forms of home entertainment, delivering cinema-quality pictures and sound to people’s living rooms.

In addition to this, digiboxes and recorders such as YouView and home cinema projectors have changed the way that people watch television, films and box sets.

BT YouView+ Box
BT YouView+ Box

Rather than simply recording the things they don’t want to miss, they can now download whole series’ to their devices and watch them all in one go without having to worry about storage space!

Then, of course, we have sound. Wireless speakers and soundbars have revolutionised the music industry and everywhere you look people are utilising the latest wireless capabilities. Whether it’s a set of wireless headphones or a wireless speaker (or five) dotted around the home, people can play their favourite tracks anytime, anywhere without having to find that pesky cable!

Don’t let poor picture quality and grainy sound affect your favourite films or television shows any more. Shop online at BT Shop today and pick out the very best in home entertainment systems.

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