Why Buy A Smart TV?

Whether you want to access TV on demand, surf the web or stream films, these are all things you can do with a smart TV. Offering you extra features to those provided by a standard television, there are so many reasons why you should upgrade your TV to smart. Here are the benefits of a smart TV.

Samsung 50" Full HD SMART LED TV
Samsung 50″ Full HD SMART LED TV, shop.bt.com

Get Access to Your Choice of Apps

Smart TVs come with a vast array of apps such as Netflix and Amazon, allowing you to get the most out of your viewing experience. So whether you simply want more choice of films and shows to watch or you want to indulge in a bit of online retail therapy from the comfort of your sofa, you can!

Never Miss Your Favourite Shows

Do you find it annoying when everyday life gets in the way of your shows? Well now you can stay out partying, hang the washing up or soak in the bath for longer – all without missing any television. Why? When you invest in a smart TV, you can pause, rewind, record and catch-up on shows you missed during the previous week – handy if you’ve got a quiet night in planned.

Keep In Touch With Your Friends

Most people use their smartphones for accessing social media sites but sometimes everything is better done on a big screen. Rather than have to leave your comfy spot on the sofa, simply log on to Facebook or Twitter through your television and catch up with your friends.

Browse The Web From Your Living Room

From shopping to watching YouTube videos, browse the web in comfort and style thanks to your smart TV. And if you put it in your bedroom, you can do some late-night shopping in bed.

Watch Home Videos And View Photo Slideshows

If you’re hosting a party and you want to display photos, simply hook up your camera to your TV for everyone to enjoy. This feature is ideal for when you’re throwing a birthday party or hosting an engagement party for example. Or maybe you recently attended one and you recorded the day? Play the video back through your television and relive your happy memories.

Customise Your Homescreen

One of the great things about smart TVs is the level of personalisation you can achieve. After all, it’s your device so why wouldn’t you want to customise it to your needs? Change the home page to your desired look as often as you like.

Sharp LC90LE757K 90"
Sharp LC90LE757K 90″, shop.bt.com

Get Personalised Recommendations

In need of something new to watch? Rather than spend hours flicking through all the channels on your television, look at the recommended programme list. This ‘smart’ feature chooses shows based on what you watch most frequently, making it more likely that you’ll enjoy them.

Play Games To Your Heart’s Content

You can only stare at your tiny smartphone screen for so long before your eyes start to hurt. When you’re playing games like Angry Bird, you’ll appreciate the sheer size of your television screen in comparison to your phone – allowing you to access the next level much faster.

You Can Use It For Skype

There’s no need to crowd round the webcam on your computer any longer, because smart TVs let you Skype from the comfort of your living room – handy if you’ve got a large family.

It Connects To Other Devices In Your Home

While you can’t continue using an app on your TV that you were just using on your smartphone, you can connect to other devices to some extent. Simply download the remote application onto your Android or iPhone and you’ll have full control of the TV from anywhere in your home – handy if you want your children to go to bed.

As you can see, there’s so much on offer with smart TVs. Check out the wide range of smart televisions available at BT Shop today.

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