Why You Need a Ring Video Doorbell in Your Home – Review

BT Shop are now stocking the world’s leading smart doorbell manufacturer, Ring. The product range includes the Video Doorbell in a range of colours, the Video Doorbell Pro, the Stick Up cam as well as the Chime and the solar panel for the Stick Up cam.

The kind folk at Ring sent us a Video Doorbell, Stick Up Cam and Chime to test the kit for ourselves. Here’s what we thought.

What is a Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring video doorbell is a smart doorbell that allows you to answer your door from anywhere in the world using your home’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera
Ring Video Doorbell Camera

When the Ring Video Doorbell is pressed, the app begins a VOIP video call that connects to your smartphone so that the homeowner can have a 2-way conversation with whoever is at the door.

First Impressions

Ring are a premium brand so we expected the products to arrive in premium packaging, they did, and we were impressed.

Ring Video Doorbell Packaging
Ring Video Doorbell Packaging

We were sent the Video Doorbell in a ‘Satin Nickel’ colourway which looks very smart. There are 3 other colours available to suit the style/ look of your house.

The Stick Up Cam is only available in black as we suspect Ring have made the decision that you’re likely to want a security camera to blend in.

Ring Stick Up Cam
Ring Stick Up Cam – shop.bt.com

The doorbell itself is a very solid product, it comes in two pieces within the box. The first piece attaches to the wall of your house and then the actual doorbell that slides onto the fitting. This makes the charging of the product far easier as you can slide it off the bracket and bring it inside (unless you decide to hardwire it which is an option).

The Stick Up Cam is also a solid product that comes in two pieces. The bracket it sits on differs from the Video Doorbell as the camera is supposed to be positioned higher up, therefore meaning that the camera needs to point out at a slightly different angle.

Everything you need to set up the camera/ doorbell comes within the box (apart from the drill).


Ring Video Doorbell

As previously mentioned, Ring package their products with the necessary brackets and attachments needed to install the products. The doorbell comes with a screwdriver, drill bit and then all the screws needed to fit the product.

Ring Video Doorbell - Satin Nickel
Ring Video Doorbell – Satin Nickel – shop.bt.com

I am by no means someone who’s good at DIY and I managed to install the video doorbell within 10 minutes. The bracket that you secure to the wall comes with a built-in spirit level so you can be sure it’s straight when drilling the holes. You will need to drill 4 holes in your wall in order to fit the bracket.

Ring Video Doorbell Bracket
Ring Video Doorbell Bracket

Once the bracket is fitted to your wall and the doorbell is charged you are ready to go, it really is that simple.

I must point out that because of the doorbells large battery, charging will take a couple of hours. This does however mean that the battery will not need to be charged regularly (unless you have hundreds of people are your door every day).

Ring Stick Up Cam

As with the Video Doorbell, the installation process was really simple. All tools are provided within the box (apart from the drill) so you’re ready to go within minutes.

The bracket is far smaller than the one on the doorbell. For security reasons we’d suggest you position the camera out of arms reach to prevent anyone tampering with it. I decided to mount it just above my side door pointing forward towards the road in front of my house (this required me to get the ladders out).

Ring Stick Up Cam
Ring Stick Up Cam – shop.bt.com

The Ring Stick Up Cam took a bit longer than the doorbell to charge, presumably because it has a larger battery. Once charged, Ring say that it’ll last up to 6 months providing you’re not using the ‘live view’ feature regularly.

Like the doorbell, the bracket has a built in spirit level to ensure that the bracket is perfectly straight when fitted to your outside wall.

Both of the above products can be hardwired so you never run out of charge, alternatively, the Stick Up Cam can be charged using the Ring Solar Panel to help prolong the battery life.

Set Up

Ring Video Doorbell/ Stick Up Cam

Both products are pretty much identical to set up, much like an iPod Touch and an iPad are. You’re required to download the Ring app on your smartphone/ PC in order to connect the products to your Wi-Fi.

The step by step guide within the app makes the whole process a breeze. Select your device, give it a name, connect it to your Wi-Fi and you’re pretty much good to go.

Ring App
Ring App

One thing to point out is that when you’re setting up the Stick Up Cam you’ll be asked which zones you’d like to be notified of motion within. The furthest setting is 30 feet, I made the mistake of setting mine to pick up movement ‘up to 30 feet away’, cue a notification for every car that drove past my house that day.

Ring Zone Settings
Ring Zone Settings

Ring Chime

If like me, you’d like to have a conventional ‘bell’ sound go off within your home whenever someone presses the doorbell you’re going to want a Ring Chime.

Ring Chime
Ring Chime

The Ring Chime is essentially a wireless speaker that plugs into one of your plug sockets and alerts you when someone is at your door. You’ll always get the standard phone notification but it’s nice to still hear the sound of a doorbell every so often.


To summarise, I’ve been majorly impressed by both the Video Doorbell and the Stick Up Cam. Both serve difference purposes but work perfectly together.

For me, the best thing about the products has been the ability to cut down on visits to the post office. When the doorbell rings, I simply answer the door using my phone and tell the postman to leave the parcel round the back in my ‘safe place’. If that’s not a reason for you to get a Ring Video Doorbell then I don’t know what is.

The Stick Up Camera has also been great to use as I can now see when people arrive at my house. When my partner arrives back from work I’m able to log onto ‘live view’ to ask her what’s for tea!

Everyone who’s seen the devices in action have been majorly impressed and i’m sure you will be if you take the plunge and order the Video Doorbell or Stick Up Cam.

Device Compatibility

Ring is compatible with the following operating systems/ devices:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows 10
  • MacOS

Ring Products

You’re probably wondering what other products Ring offer, here’s their full product range, if we don’t stock it now, we will be doing in the very near future:

Ring Video Doorbell – Security and convenience that works on any home.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Ultra-slim design with advanced security features.

Stick Up Cam – Weather-resistant and wire-free security camera.

Floodlight Cam (Coming Soon) – HD security camera with floodlights and a siren alarm.

Ring Chime (Coming Soon) – Indoor Chime for Ring devices.

Ring Chime Pro – Wi-Fi extender and indoor Chime for Ring devices.

Ring Solar Panel for Stick Up Cam – Non-stop power source for Ring Stick Up Cam.

Shop the full range of Ring products here.

Who are Ring?

Back in 2012, entrepreneur James Siminoff from Santa Monica, California built a Wi-Fi connected doorbell called Doorbot. He took the idea to ‘Shark Tank’ (the American Dragon’s Den) and pitched his idea only to get turned down by all but one investor, he actually went on to refuse the offer from the final investor.

After the programme aired on US television, he decided that to be taken more seriously he needed a new name for his company, ring was born.

Despite failing to raise the funds through the Dragon’s Den style show, James Siminoff went on to receive an investment from Virgin boss Richard Branson. Siminoff tells the story of how a ring customer was out holidaying at Branson’s private island, he used his ring doorbell to talk to a UPS delivery guy who was at his home in San Francisco. Branson saw the interaction and was immediately hooked by the product going on to invest over $25 million!

10 thoughts on “Why You Need a Ring Video Doorbell in Your Home – Review”

    1. Hi Amanda,

      Yep, works on iPhone. This is what I was reviewing it on.

      Also works with Android and Windows phones.

      Thanks, Alex

  1. Not very practical though, and most deliveries are an order and you can add a note to leave it in a safe place anyway so not a problem.

    Seeing when someone gets to your door makes no sense either, they are about to ring your doorbell so why do you need a camera showing them do it? do you not believe them? and you cant get when someone will come to your door so you wont know until they get there anyway.

    Being a battery device its another waste of time and more dangerous when your out and the doorbell wont ring as its run out of battery. Also you need a mobile connection or wifi, so if you have no connection you wont get a notification, what if your phone runs out of battery and you dont have a chime? you cant answer the door? its a very stupid product.

    Also its another item that can be hacked via mobile data so people can be told when deliveries get to your house and can answer and tell them to leave somewhere and pick them up later themselves.

    1. Hi David,

      I’ve been using one for a good 8 months now and can honestly say it’s a fantastic product and one I can’t imagine without.

      A lot of my online deliveries require a signature, if I speak to the delivery man once they’ve rung my doorbell they will always sign for me with my permission (can’t do this without a video doorbell).

      I have had instances where a delivery driver has said they’ve been to my door when in fact they haven’t so the Ring doorbell has confirmed this and i’ve been able to chase with the courier.

      The battery has been lasting me up to 3 months at a time and is easy to remove from the wall so charging has not been an issue for me, I also get notified in good time when low on battery so i’m yet to be left without a doorbell. There is an option to hard wire though if this is your concern.

      If you’re worried about your phone running out of battery then the chime is a no brainer (at £24.98) when you’re buying this device. However, if you’re in your house the doorbell itself has its own speaker like a conventional doorbell which I can usually hear from all over my home.

      As far as i’m aware, Ring haven’t been the suspect of any hacks?

      Hopefully this answers your questions/ arguments and maybe changes your opinion.

      Thanks, Alex

  2. “The Stick Up Cam is only available in black as we suspect Ring have made the decision that you’re likely to want a security camera to blend in” – so you show it being stuck onto a white door frame where it’s likely to stand out like a sore thumb?

    Educational article though – I’d never heard of the term “colourway” before, so I feel enriched for having read it.

    1. Strong observation Tim, the image in question was supplied by Ring which we imagine is on a white background for display purposes.

      Glad you feel enriched 😀

  3. I like the idea of this product but I also like a good old fashioned door bell ring. Typically the wireless (plug in) door chimes play annoying tunes rather than a simple bell. I already have an old school bell that is hard-wired to the ringer on my front door. Can I wire this to a Ring Video Doorbell?

    1. As long as you’re logged into the ring app on all devices you should receive notifications to all.

      You attach a device to an account so as long as you’ve done this you’re good to go across the three phones and 2 ipads.

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