Your Home, Smarter.

Control your devices the way you want to with TP-Link’s Smart range.

It’s Saturday night and you’ve just put the kids to bed. You’re looking forward to a movie night at home. You’ve all settled down with a snack and reclined on your sofa, when you realise you need to get up again to switch the kitchen light off and turn down your heating – as soon as you’re comfy! We know how annoying that can be…

Your home, just smarter!

If you’ve ever thought of having a smart home before and not acted, now might be the time to start by updating your plugs and bulbs! So whether you’re seeking ease of life or wanting to create that perfect atmosphere for a late evening movie night at home, luxury is at the tip of your finger! With the tap of a button on your smart phone, you can control devices without leaving your sofa. You can even schedule smart bulbs to automatically turn back on once the movie is over. Even better, you can now just ask!

TP-Link smart home products can be voice controlled and come fully compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So, if you already have a virtual assistant at home; such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; your next choice should be the TP-Link smart bulbs and plugs!

Powering your home with smart home capability can be a scary thought, but it’s actually easier than you think! All you need is a smartphone and TP-Link’s Free Kasa app to configure and control your home appliances. Plus, there’s no Hub required. Awesome!

Why TP-Link?

TP-Link’s smart home range is one of the top selling smart home automation products in today’s market and they can make a world of difference. Easy to install and use, the smart bulbs and plugs could be the newest addition to your home!

‘Away mode’ lets you manage your electric appliances, even when you’re away from home. Let’s say you’re all packed‚ your away messages are set‚ and finally that well-earned trip you’ve been planning for months is here! Don’t spend a second of it trying to remember if you turned off the lights or worrying about anything else at home. Turn off smart bulbs and anything connected to your smart plugs from anywhere; even halfway around the world, for greater peace of mind.

Manage your household devices from anywhere!

It’s important to make life comfortable for you and your loved ones. Smart plugs can give you peace of mind with the countdown timer feature, which automatically switches off running household appliances, such as the iron or hair straighteners, if you’ve set a time limit beforehand. This is great for home safety!

Say you’re waking your kids up for school and kids can be grumpy in the morning. You can schedule the lamp to automatically turn on in your kids’ room for 7am, Monday to Friday, which can help immensely with the daily rigorous ritual of ‘Wake up kids, it’s morning’.

You can run your entire TP-Link smart home ecosystem from TP-Link’s Kasa app. Customise your lighting, turn connected devices on energy use, and even create schedules for your smart home, all from the free Kasa App by TP-Link.

All of the TP-Link smart plugs and bulbs are compatible with top of the range ‘virtual personal assistants’ right out of the box. Over time, TP-Link has enabled full support with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Seamless integration of TP-Link smart home plugs and bulbs helps you take control of your electrical appliances in your home. Make the most of the voice enabled smart home automation with a simple spoken command!

See the magic happen when you say:

OK Google: Turn on the kettle” or “Alexa: Turn on the kitchen lights”

One of the best things to do with your smart home environment is ‘set a scene’. Whether it’s time to grab a cuppa and read your favourite novel, or bed time for the family, it’s good to know that you can control your home with your smart device, anytime and from anywhere!

Change the colour and intensity as you desire, and navigate the tuneable white light from warm to cool until you feel comfortable. Smart Wi-Fi bulbs can be controlled separately or as a group, and your favourite settings can be saved as scenes accessible in Kasa app.

TP-Link’s smart home range is not just reliable, as they have always been, but also provides everyone with an affordable option for building their smart home.

Customised lighting at your finger tips

There’s a huge range of multi-colour options to choose from, perfect when you want to set a certain mood. As well as this, you can change the brightness of the bulbs with voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You could be away from your home (or even country), but wherever you are in the world, you can manage your appliances, devices and lights within your home. This is super convenient as you can improve on your home security when you’re not there by turning your lights on and off at different times, giving the appearance that you’re home. These are clever little bulbs that are not just pretty on the outside, but could also help you check real-time power usage and energy savings.

From the time you wake up in the morning, right up to the time you hit the hay, TP-Link smart home products can make your day easier and more comfortable.


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Google Assistant commands for TP-Link Smart Plugs here, or Smart Bulbs here

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