Keep Your Home Safe While Away on Holiday with Smart Home Security

July 9, 2019
Verity | Holiday Guru
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Peace of mind when you're away from home

Every year we spend months eagerly waiting to get away on holiday, with many finally boarding the plane and starting to worry about our homes before we’ve even left the runway. It’s a completely understandable concern, especially given that our homes are our castles and we don’t want any unwelcome attention. But the issue over the years has been that once we’re away there’s nothing we can do about it.

Until smart home security systems came along, that is. One of the latest and greatest tech innovations in recent times (and that’s saying something), smart home security allows you to set up a security system in the home and monitor it from anywhere with an Internet connection via a handy app on your smartphone or tablet.

The fear of returning home and finding your home broken into remains real for many, but there’s something you can do to try and stop it from ruining your holiday. If you’re planning on jetting off anytime soon it’s worth checking out our Holiday Tech Guide where you’ll find some great deals on smart home security that’ll help put your mind at rest.

See your home from the beach with a smart security camera

With devices such as the BT Smart Home Cam and the Honeywell C2 Full HD Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera you can sit with your feet in the sand, a glass of something cold in one hand and your smartphone in the other checking for any notifications relating to motion in and around your property.

Developed to send a notification through the app on your phone you can be alerted to anyone who may be in your property, or thinking about entering, and you can set off the alarm to deter them or contact your neighbour who can then contact the police to deal with it on your behalf.

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See who’s calling with a video doorbell

Some people have returned from their holiday to find their houses broken into and their neighbours letting them know there was someone suspicious ringing the doorbell for a couple of days in the build-up to the break-in. If you’d like to know who’s ringing the doorbell while at home or away, a Ring video doorbell lets you answer the door and see who’s standing there, so you can alert the police – or a neighbour – if it’s someone suspicious or there’s unusual activity around your home. You can also go back to the footage in the app just in case.

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Use smart lights to give the impression someone's home

Even if you’re hundreds of miles away enjoying a beautiful meal in a beachfront restaurant you can give the impression that someone is in your property to deter potential thieves. Smart light bulbs can be scheduled to come on at certain times so that it always looks as though someone is at home, deterring burglars from finding a way in.

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