The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Fitness Enthusiasts

October 2019
Verity A. | Author
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Wearables aren’t so much a new and innovative form of technology these days, with certain devices like pedometers having been around for several years and having released a number of updated versions already. But that doesn’t detract from their popularity and the growing range of wearables on the market today.

One prime example here is in the fitness tracker market where manufacturers and developers are striving to create the perfect wearable technology that helps people to hit their health and fitness goals.

More people than ever before are paying close attention to their health and fitness by signing up to gyms, employing the help of a personal trainer or nutritionist and eating more healthily. Fitness trackers and smart watches help people to document these sessions and their daily activity to monitor their progress and to identify where they could improve so that they can reach peak fitness, lose weight or to be more active.

If you’re thinking of working on your fitness and are considering an activity tracker to help you to document it, this handy guide will hopefully help you to find the right one for you. Here we’ve analysed the five best fitness trackers for fitness enthusiasts so that you can look at the specifications, the price and more before you make your decision.

1. Apple Watch Nike Series 5


The new Apple Watch Nike Series 5 is the perfect running partner. As well as the customisable watch straps and sports bands, you can also choose your new clock face from an updated Nike collection. Plus, with Watch Series 5, you can enjoy the Always-On Retina display. Now when you’re working out you don’t have to tap the watch face or move your wrist to get it to light up – especially helpful when you need your hands to exercise! Not to mention the Nike Club app that features loads of workouts, coaching and more to help you get the most out of your workouts. You can even go on an Audio-Guided Run with a coach and soundtrack. One of our favourite features is the reflective Nike Sport Loop that’s woven with special reflective thread that shimmers when lights hit it – especially helpful when you’re running in the dark in the evening or early morning. Track your runs with GPS for distance, pace and route mapping.

Apple Watch Nike Series 5 range

2. Fitbit Inspire HR


Fitbit’s fitness trackers are a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts all over the globe. The Fitbit Inspire HR activity watch tracks your activity – like steps, movement and distance – and also sleep activity. Advanced calorie burn tells you how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day, taking into consideration calories eaten and tracked in the Fitbit app. The Fitbit Inspire HR can go swimming with you; it’s water resistant to 50M and has up to 5 days battery life. The HR tracks 24/7 heart rate, so even while you’re sleeping with it on, it records your heart rate. The Fitbit app shows you how much light, deep and REM sleep you get and helps improve it with some pointers. The Fitbit app gives you a cardio fitness score which shows a snapshot of how fit you are; this is helpful if you’re trying to make changes to your fitness levels. Your Fitbit lets you set goals whether it’s for running, cycling, yoga or walks. If you start doing a workout before tracking, it automatically starts tracking it for you so you don’t miss out on adding it to your dashboard. For even greater insight into your health, the Inspire HR has female health tracking so you can keep up to date with your cycle, record symptoms and more.

3. Fitbit Versa 2


Check out the Fitbit that comes with Alexa voice-control. You can use your voice to create alarms, set bedtime reminders, check the weather and even control smart home devices in your home. It’s never been easier! As well as voice-control, the Fitbit Versa 2 lets you do a whole host of other things. Get notifications straight to your wrist – including call, text and calendar alerts – and store and play your music in Spotify from your watch. The ‘always-on’ display mode is a popular update, which lets you keep the screen on while working out, walking, cleaning – whatever. You don’t have to tilt your wrist to wake up the screen. You also have the option to turn it off! Along with these useful lifestyle features, we’ve not even mentioned the health and fitness features. The Versa 2 lets you track all day activity – like steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, stationary time and more – and can go swimming with you. It can also track your sleep habits. The 5+ days battery life means your watch will not cut out on you in the middle of a workout. The 24/7 heart rate tracking gives real insight into your heart rate trends over time, so you can get a better understanding of your health. Want everything in one place? Access your favourite apps for fitness, sports, news, travel and more with a simple tap. With customisable clock faces, bands, notifications and a high-resolution touchscreen, the Versa 2 is suitable for work and play.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch


As well as a stylish design, Samsung Galaxy Watches are bristling with awesome features. Experience hands-free freedom. Whether you’d prefer a 42mm or 46mm bezel, Samsung has you covered. The 46mm model boasts up to 7 days battery life, while the Rose Gold and Black 42mm models have up to 4 days battery life, so you’re free to take calls and messages on the go. And you can do it all with your favourite Spotify playlists ready to listen to – just connect your wireless headphones and you’re good to go! Choose from three colours, each with a load of customisable faces. Whether Rose Gold, Midnight Black or Silver are your thing, you can go from work to the weekend, effortlessly. From the rotating bezel to the crystal-clear sAMOLED circular screen, every element of the design has been carefully refined. Achieve your wellness goals with Samsung! Cycling, swimming, squatting or sleeping, you can monitor every step or heart beat with ease. Track your wellness using the built-in GPS and sync everything seamlessly with Samsung Health across all your devices.

5. Fitbit Charge 4


Fitbit Charge 4 makes it easier to see your stats in sunlight, at night or anytime, thanks to a large touchscreen and backlit display that adjusts to different lighting conditions. Charge 4 tracks all-day activity like steps, distance, floors climbed, Active Zone Minutes and calories burned to show how every part of your day gets you closer to your goals. With Fitbit Charge 4, there's no limit to how far you can go. This sleek, swimproof tracker is packed with features that help you know your workouts and your body better. You get more convenience on the go and more inspiration to reach your fitness goals. With Fitbit Pay, load your credit and debit cards to your Wallet in the Fitbit app, then use Charge 4 to tap and pay for purchases on the go – at selected train stations, your favourite stores and more.

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