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  • How to add, remove or change a payment method on your account.

In brief...

  • To make changes to your payment methods simply log onto your account and go to "manage payment methods". There you'll then be able to add, remove or change credit card details.

Further information...

When you set up your account you would have added your nominated credit card details. These are securely stored against your account, but you might want to change the credit card you use from time to time or add a new one. You can have several cards stored on your account, so you can choose which one to use each time you order from our website.

To log into your account, click the "my account/log in" link at the top of our home page. Once you're logged into your account, go to the section headed "Manage payment methods". You'll see your credit card details listed and the option to edit an existing card, remove it, or add a new one.

The card details you'll see are in a secure area, and for extra security they will be partly hidden.

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