Read on if you'd like to know...

  • How to obtain a copy of your e-Receipt.
  • How to obtain a VAT invoice instead of an e-Receipt.

In brief...

  • When we ship an order we do not produce a VAT invoice as a general rule. Instead, we send an electronic receipt or "e-Receipt" as we call it. This is because BT Shop is a website for individual customers and not businesses.
  • If you have bought from BT Shop and need a VAT invoice instead of an e-receipt, don't worry, we can arrange this for you. Please contact us using the link below under "Need Further Assistance". Please have your order number ready to quote.
  • Please note that e-Receipts and invoices are available for fully delivered orders only and not "part shipped" orders.

Further information...

To obtain a copy of your e-Receipt, please click here to go to 'My Account' (you'll find a link at the top of this page too), then choose the 'view orders & returns' option. Use the drop down menu to help you find the relevant order then click the 'view order' button. The details of your order will be presented. To request a copy of your e-Receipt, scroll to the bottom of your order and click the 'request e-receipt' button. Your e-Receipt will be sent by email to your registered account email address shortly after.

**Please note that due to migration to a new computer system on 26th/27th February, you'll only be able to access orders, and therefore request an e-receipt, for orders placed from 1st Jan 2011. To request an e-receipt for orders older than this, please email your request to**

Unfortunately, you cannot request a VAT invoice from 'my account'. Instead, please contact us using the link below. (top tip: be ready to quote the relevant order number when you contact us).

We cannot change any of the information on the invoice/receipt.