Read on if you'd like to know...

  • How you can remove yourself from our mailing lists.
  • How you can change your communication preferences and subscribe or unsubscribe to special offer newsletters.

In brief...

  • We like to keep our customers informed about special offers and special pricing, so from time to time we send out various communications by post or email.
  • When you first became a customer and logged onto our website, we asked you about "Marketing Communication" preferences. We asked you then if you'd like to receive special offers, so anything you receive is in line with your preferences.

Further information...

There are several ways you can stop subscribing to these special offers. The best way is to log on to your account - to do this click the "my Account/login" link at the top right of our web site. Once you are logged on, click "Edit communication preferences" under "Other Options" at the bottom of the page.

You will see your current preferences listed and can change what you like. Don't forget to click the "SAVE CHANGES" button when you have made the changes!!

Other ways to Un-Subscribe

At the bottom of every marketing email we send there's a link which you can click to un subscribe. Our lists are prepared several days in advance, so the change may take a while to come into effect.

We also post our catalogues regularly to existing and prospective customers. If you've received a catalogue and want to be removed form the list, please check the wrapping and obtain the 11 character reference printed on it, and follow the steps below:

  • If the reference starts with a "3", click this link and enter the information requested.
  • If the reference does not start with "3", please click here to email our marketing department to request removal. Please quote the reference number in the email. We will then remove you from our mailing list.