As you may be aware, the BT Shop website was re-launched on July 2nd 2007 when we upgraded the platform on which it runs.

Whilst this re-launch offered our customers lots of benefits including a far wider product choice than ever before, unfortunately it also meant that we were unable to transfer information held on your old BT Shop account. This includes any store credit that was waiting to be spent on your account, or any unredeemed vouchers.

Thankfully, this issue affects only a very small number of customers, however if you previously had unspent store credit on your account and you would like it reinstated, please send an email to using the subject title "Missing Store Credit/Vouchers". It would be helpful if you could include the following information in your email:

  • your full name (forename and surname)
  • your postcode
  • the email address that was associated with your old BT Shop account
  • the email address that is associated with your new BT Shop account (it may be the same as above).

On receipt of your email, we'll verify the status of your credit and/or vouchers then reapply as necessary to your new BT Shop account.

If you don't have an account on the new BT Shop....

Don't worry, opening a new account is a very simple process and well worth the few minutes it takes. To open a new BT Shop account click here, then follow the on-screen instructions.