'Awaiting stock' means that we currently do not physically have the product(s) you have ordered available in our warehouse to fulfil you order. Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to secure this stock with the minimum delay to your order.

If we know the date on which we expect stock, we will display it on our website. Please note that this is the most accurate date we have been given by our suppliers as as such, we're unable to provide any further information. If the expected stock due date passes, due to reasons beyond our control, we will endeavour to update the date shown on our website as soon as we have the new information.

If no delivery dates are shown, then this means we do not have a date to give you, but we are working to obtain this.

Although we do try to obtain the goods in a timely manner, there are occasions where either the product is in short supply (normally because it is a new product), or it has been delayed in transit. In such instances, we regret that we are unable to guarantee a date for the arrival of this item.

If you need your goods in a hurry and don't wish to wait, you can amend your order to replace it with an in-stock product. Alternatively, you can cancel your order at any time prior to completion.

If you would prefer to wait for your item to become available, then there is no need for further action.